The future of oil and gas in the UK

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The future of oil and gas in the UK


The future of oil and gas in the UK

This conference will discuss the outlook for oil and gas in the UK.

It will be a timely discussion, taking place ahead of the next round of oil and gas licenses – due to start this autumn – and amid heightened concerns about energy pricing, energy security and reaching net zero targets.

Bringing together stakeholders and policy makers, the discussion areas will look at:

  • the prospects for future oil and gas fields in the North Sea – environmental impact – enabling industries – meeting changing energy demands
  • the links between wider offshore energy operations – including blue hydrogen, CCUS and offshore wind – options for infrastructure sharing and redeployment
  • competition for offshore space – solving problems around meeting multiple industrial needs
  • policy developments – windfall tax impact on financing and options to support investor confidence going forward – opportunities related to decarbonisation and net zero ambitions – implications for oil and gas operations
  • progress on the North Sea Transition Agreement – program evaluation
  • energy security and pricing – long-term priorities for stability of energy sources, drive to increase domestic supply and impacts on industrial customers and domestic consumers

Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum are delighted to feature keynote sessions with Fiona Metham, Director, Energy Development and Sustainability, BEIS; Stuart Walters, Senior Policy Manager, North Sea Transition Authority; and Will Webster, Energy Policy Manager, Offshore Energies UK.


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