The controversial life of birthday girl Mamta Kulkarni

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The controversial life of birthday girl Mamta Kulkarni

just yesterday BTS the members regrouped after a long time to send Jung Hoseok Also known as J-Hope who are enrolled in the army. Kim Seokjin Also known as Gin who was already serving in the army was also there to welcome his comrade. And now the rest of the BTS members are back to their lives. Kim Taehyungpopular as BTS V recently went online and held a live session for ARMY. He revealed that he was on his way home after a workout at the office building. While doing live, Taehyung saw a lot of common comments and called them out. He asked the ARMY to stop the comments and upgrade.

BTS V aka Kim Taehyung asks ARMYs to update their questions

Kim Taehyung is one of the most popular members of BTS. He is known for doing short live sessions on Weverse and also on Instagram. He usually stops by to check on the ARMY and greet them. And that’s what he did today. However, Taehyung seemed bored with the comment section which was full of comments like ‘yoongi married me’, ‘TMI’ or ARMY asking for a birthday wish or wave or asking questions like if they know about their country or place.

Taehyung told ARMY that there are no funny comments or questions in the comment section. He even tried to turn off the comments. Run BTS singer asks ARMY to improve their questions as it’s been a decade since their debut and they [BTS members] all grown up and therefore they [ARMY] should also post some fun questions. “Yoongi Marry Me” is a frequent comment and has been noticed in other members’ lives as well. His life goes viral in the Hollywood News.

Taehyung talked about meeting members after a long time

As we told you earlier, BTS members reunited yesterday to say goodbye to Hobi as the rapper and dancer enlisted in the army. He is the second BTS member to enlist in the military. All 7 of them were together – RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook the day Hoseok entered the camp. Speaking of the same, Taehyung shared that he met all of them after a long time. ARMYs also got emotional seeing OT7 after a long time.

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