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The celebrities’ role in spreading messages of hope

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The celebrities’ role in spreading messages of hope

Solicitor, activist and contributor to the Assyrian program Oliver Slewa, posted on facebook a message asking the Assyrian singers and artists to share and promote any post that raises awareness about the situation of Assyrian refugees.
In his FB message, Mr Slewa says he is not asking for donations or any financial contribution from the artists and singers; he wants them to share or post any article or post on their pages that describes the conditions the Assyrian refugees are facing.
Mr Slewa says,” If I want to promote a situation, I will be lucky enough to reach a hundred or two hundred people. Yet when an Assyrian celebrity shares my post or any post about the Assyrian refugees, the post will be seen by tens of thousands of followers immediately,”
Mr Slewa says that artists, singers, athletes and celebrities from many nations play a significant role in delivering a message of love and tolerance or raising awareness about a catastrophe, such as the recent earthquake that hit Turkiye and Syria; the role of the artists play in spreading the messages of help reaches millions.

Mr Slewa hopes the Assyrian artists will consider his request and act upon it possitively.

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