The Boss, Top Movies of the Director That You Must Watch

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The Boss, Top Movies of the Director That You Must Watch
The Boss, Top Movies of the Director That You Must Watch


HAPPY BIRTHDAY S SHANKAR: Shankar Shanmugam aka S Shankar, who made his directorial debut with 1993 film Gentleman, ended up winning the Filmfare Best Director Award and Tamil Nadu State Film Award for his maiden movie. In his career spanning over two decades, the filmmaker has directed several blockbuster movies, which has now made him one of the most bankable directors in India.

Today, S Shankar has turned a year older. On the special occasion of S Shankar’s birthday, take a quick look at some of his top films:

  1. Veyil
    This 2006 drama movie produced by S Shankar has earned him the National Film Award For Best Feature Film in Tamil. Directed by Vasanthabalan, the film stars Pasupathy, Bharath, Bhavana, Priyanka, and Sriya Reddy in the lead roles. The plot of the movie highlights the emotional story of a father and his two sons. After receiving severe punishment from his dad, the eldest son leaves his home to live a life of his own. But he ends up returning to his roots after living a remorseful life. Veyil became the first Tamil movie to receive a screening at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.
  2. Sivaji: The Boss
    Do you remember the iconic way Rajinikanth eats chewing gum in the film Sivaji? Helmed by S Shankar, this actioner chronicles the life of a well-established software engineer Sivaji, who returns to his home country India in order to invest and serve the country’s welfare. However, everything goes wrong when he is asked to bend his knees owing to a few corrupt politicians who plan to murder him. Unbeknownst to them, Sivaji returns disguising himself as another to break the corrupt chain of black money and change the fate of the country.
  3. Nayak: The Real Hero
    This Anil Kapoor and Amrish Puri-starrer political actioner is the remake of S Shankar’s 1999 Tamil film Mudhalvan. Directed by Shankar himself, the movie revolves around the life of Shivaji Rao, a mere journalist working for a news channel, who while conducting the interview of Maharashtra’s Chief Minister, gets challenged to run the state for a day. The journalist accepts the task and leaves no stone unturned to put an end to corruption.
  4. Enthiran
    Starring Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead role, Enthiran, the science fiction actioner was released back in 2010. Helmed by S Shankar, the storyline of the movie follows the life of scientist Vaseegaran, who builds a unique robot programmed to feel human emotions. Destiny takes a turn for worse when the robot develops feelings for Vaseegaran’s girlfriend and creates an army of robots to destroy the human race.
  5. I
    This romantic actioner by S Shankar challenges the standards of beauty prevailing in society. The plot of the movie revolves around the life of model Lingesan, who gets a hunchback after receiving a spiked injection dose from his rivals. With his look ruined completely, Ligesan makes a plan to seek revenge. The movie stars Vikram, Amy Jackson, and Upen Patel in the lead roles.

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