The Best Unexpected Celebrity Friendships, According To Reddit

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The Best Unexpected Celebrity Friendships, According To Reddit


Season 2 of The Kardashians is here and there has been a lot of speculation around what kind of drama will go down this season. This reality drama series is the follow-up to the highly successful Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which had a legendary 20-season run, ending in 2021.

Celebrity-based shows enthrall audiences around the world, as fans are curious about the true lives of stars and who they hang out with. Redditors weighed in on the celebrity friendships with a focus on the companionships that no one would predict.


Eminem & Elton John

The British icon, Elton John, famous for his odes to Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, would normally not be conceived as part of the inner friend circle of Eminem, the Missouri-born rapper who transformed hip hop for middle America. Redditors seemed genuinely surprised that these two musical giants have been friends for 20 years. It was revealed by a few Reddit users, including dizzypro, that Elton John helped Eminem and other stars gain sobriety. The Redditor explained, “He spoke in his book about doing all he can to stop other celebrities reaching the levels he did with his addiction. Really admirable.”

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Both popular and great musicians in their own right, Elton John, for many fans, represents rock and roll royalty, whereas Eminem tends to appeal to the common man in his lyrics and overall persona, making their friendship surprising and interesting. John’s generosity struck Redditors, who also spoke about his alleged attempt, years ago, to help Michael Jackson with his painkiller addiction.

Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart

The dame of home decor and dinner etiquette being good friends with AMA Award-winner, Snoop Dogg, was another surprising friendship discussed on Reddit. Redditors praised this duo, including Diligent_Bed9413, who said, “And it’s not a flash in the pan or publicity friendship. It’s been going on for years and they really do love each other. It’s fantastic!” Redditor Antosbels also applauded their friendship as “the cutest,” which reverberates when you see any footage of Snoop on her TV show.

In interviews, Snoop Dogg praised Martha for being one of the first TV hosts to include rappers on daytime television. The genuine warmth for her is reflected in the episodes where he has joined Martha Stewart on TV. One such occasion was when they baked brownies together and his spicy sense of humor and fun rapper persona, like a good friend, complimented her more traditional yet warm personality.

Anne Hathaway & Samuel L Jackson

Another unlikely duo, Redditors mentioned that the amazingly talented actors Anne Hathway and Samuel L. Jackson were friends. According to Redditor beepbeepstreet, one key reason was that Hathway went to school with his daughter.

In Jan 2013, both participated in a “Sad Off,” which demonstrated a friendly comradery and great sense of humor as they debated whose holiday film is more miserable. One could attribute this exchange to their excellent acting skills, but there is definitely an underlying sense of warmth and mutual respect seen here, which is the bedrock of any good friendship.

Lisa Kudrow & Conan O’Brien

Kudrow and O’Brien are two great comedians, but not many seemed to know they were friends. On Reddit, pj8790 said: “I remember Conan talking on his podcast about how supportive Lisa has been since the early ’90s when they met.”

It was also mentioned that they dated briefly, which would definitely lend to their sense of friendship. Their sheer comic talent and generosity as fellow comedians could have brought them together as, collectively, they have entertained America for decades.

Jim Parsons & Rihanna

The diva Rihanna and comedic genius Jim Parsons, who made Sheldon Cooper immemorial on The Big Bang Theory, were another interesting celebrity duo discussed on Reddit. According to fans, they met on the movie, Home, a sci-fi animated comedy where they both were the voices of the main characters and bonded over their publicity tour.

The Redditor, taco9600, who definitely did their homework, shared that “I think that Jim said that they’re only Hollywood friends, not like friends-friends.” It is a known fact that many celebrities keep their friendships low-key, so it could be debated that either Jim Parsons is trying to keep this friendship private or actually just telling us how it is being a co-star and having professional Hollywood associations.

Taylor Swift & Zoë Kravitz

The friendship between Taylor Swift and Zoë Kravitz was also mentioned on Reddit. Zoe Kravitz, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, who publicly acknowledged Swift’s musical achievements over the years, has been friends with Swift for years. Redditor mm1314 said, “They give off totally different vibes but apparently are really good friends.”

The pandemic brought friends together around the world and also seemingly did so in the case of Kravitz and Swift where, according to People, she helped Kravitz with a remote photo shoot for the NY Times Magazine. Swift happened to be in the same Covid Pod in London in 2020 and offered a generous helping hand.

Jack McBrayer & Alexander Skarsgard

Another unlikely pair of friends is the hilarious Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Skarsgard (Big Little Lies). According to Redditor WhatTheActualFork1, the friendship also brought forth some creative gems, such as a fun YouTube series where they save the Arctic: “They are my favorite. They did some videos for Greenpeace and Funny Or Die a few years back that gave me so much joy.”

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According to McBrayer, they met and hit it off as they were neighbors in Los Angeles and often invited to the same parties in the industry due to them both being in successful sitcoms that overlapped (30 Rock and True Blood).

Justin Theroux & Amy Sedaris

The friendship of TV stars Justin Theroux, who starred more recently in The Leftovers, and the lovely Amy Sedaris (The Mandalorian) was also discussed by Redditors.

Theroux (Iron Man, Tropic Thunder) writes, directs and acts, and was felt by Redditors to have an eclectic friend circle. Amy Sedaris also is described as having “interesting friendships” according to Redditor maggielulu, with europeandaughter12 putting it in a nutshell: “that tracks with their families and literary background.”

Macaulay Culkin & Lizzo

Coming back to unlikely friendships, Redditors shared a story about Lizzo and Macaulay Culkin. Redditor soundofhumility breaks down how they likely met: “Story time! Macaulay Culkin used to be in a band called The Pizza Underground. They basically did Velvet Underground covers but changed the lyrics to be about pizza…In 2014, his band went on tour with Har Mar Superstar and Lizzo was the opening act. So they’ve probably remained friends this whole time.”

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Chance meetings and similar talents seemed to be a key reason for the friendship, in this case, though no one would disagree that they are a somewhat unlikely pair given that their work has been completely different, to date.

Mindy Kaling & Reese Witherspoon

Two superwomen and wildly creative in their own right, Mindy Kaling and Reese Witherspoon also share a great relationship.

Kaling is writing the reboot of Legally Blonde 3, set to premiere in 2023, and has worked collaboratively with Witherspoon on other popular projects, including The Morning Show and The Mindy Project. Their natural friendship and creativity appear to complement their personalities. As per Redditor CelebrityTakeDown, “They have very similar ‘smart girl’ vibes so I’m not really all surprised.”

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