Takkar Review | This Tamilnadu Version of The Transporter Is an Endurance Test

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Takkar Review | This Tamilnadu Version of The Transporter Is an Endurance Test

In the movie Takkar, our hero is a luxury taxi driver. His Korean boss would make scratches on his body if his driving caused scratches on the car’s body. And this guy decides to drive a Mercedez Benz car in reverse on a busy public road to stalk his crush. Needless to say, the car got involved in a nasty accident, and director Karthik G Krish wants the audience to empathize with the hero after this incident. If you believe love can be this blind and banal, this is perhaps the movie for you.

Gunashekhar, aka Guns, is our central character, and he has realized that living the life of a poor guy won’t take him anywhere in life. He decides to go to Chennai. But in every job he took up, he tasted disrespect. Eventually, he decided to do the job of a luxury taxi driver. One day out of frustration of not even being able to take his own life, Guns decided to provoke bad guys so that they might kill him. But that incident gave him confidence, and long story short, he was soon roaming around with a girl he had a crush on. Who this girl really is and how this road trip with her changes things for Guns is what we witness in Takkar.

Takkar is what if Jason Statham’s Transporter got reimagined by a Tamil writer. Takkar’s interval point is actually the beginning of Transporter, and whatever you see till that point is a pile of sequences that doesn’t have much purpose as the movie takes a different shape in the second half. And to make things worse, an antagonist is forced to bear the tantrums of a Joker character played by none other than Yogi Babu. The sheer insignificance of that character made me wonder how insensitive the makers are as the montage sequence featuring Yogi Babu that has so many extras and exotic locations might have cost the producer a fortune. There are so many sequences in the film that looks pointless. It’s like they have worked really hard for sequences that have zero contribution to the movie.

Siddharth tries his best to save the film by being earnest in portraying the character of Guns. Despite his unaging looks, there is pretty much nothing here that makes things exciting for the viewers. Divyansha Kaushik, whom I saw last in Michael, looks pretty for sure, and considering the peripheral understanding of women of the writers, glamour was the only demand for this character. A talented Abhimanyu Singh is reduced to comic relief in the role of the main antagonist. I hope Yogi Babu won’t go for theater visits for this movie, as he, along with Munishkanth, turned the headache the film gave into a migraine.

There is a romantic scene in the film where the female character says she is a feminist and thus doesn’t like men. Well, the confidence to write such a thing without even trying to understand the meaning of the word kind of shows you why they made this movie without much thinking. It seems like Karthik G Krish wanted to create a film like Transporter, and all he had in mind was to show some astonishing action set pieces that showcased the driving skills of the hero. But to give that movie a structure, he hardly takes any effort, and most of these supposed to be excellent set pieces feel like easily choppable sequences, just like the Yogi Babu comedy tracks.

Takkar is a lazy idea that never really bothered about having a smooth progression. With the script jumping from one phase to another without giving much emphasis on the necessity of certain scenes, the broad-stroke writing just bores you with predictability and lack of novelty. Even if you approach it as an over-the-top action entertainer, hardly anything is there to engage you.

Final Thoughts

Even if you approach it as an over-the-top action entertainer, hardly anything is there to engage you.


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