Sunny Deol’s film roars louder, beats Akshay Kumar’s film

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Sunny Deol’s film roars louder, beats Akshay Kumar’s film

In a big film clash, “Gadar 2” emerged as the champion on its first day beating Akshay Kumar starrer “OMG 2”. Check out the day one box office collection.

Gadar 2 Vs OMG 2 Box Office Collection Day 1: In a box office clash that captured the nation’s attention, “Gadar 2” emerged as a clear winner on its first day, roaring louder than its rival “OMG 2”, starring Akshay Kumar. The much-awaited sequel to the iconic film has once again confirmed Sunny Deol’s enduring power at the box office. Sunny Deol, known for his impactful performances and intense screen presence, brought his A-game to ‘Gadar 2’ and the audience responded with unwavering enthusiasm. The film’s gripping storyline, coupled with Sunny Deol’s emotional acting, resonated strongly with audiences across demographics. On the other hand, “OMG 2”, building on Akshay Kumar’s reputation as a versatile actor, delivered a compelling narrative that touched upon thought-provoking themes. However, despite Akshay Kumar’s star power, the film ended up being overshadowed by “Gadar 2” on the all-important opening day.
As the box office numbers piled up, it became clear that “Gadar 2” has not only recaptured the magic of its predecessor but has also surpassed expectations, securing a significant lead over “OMG 2”.

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