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Street Style at New York Fashion Week Fall 2023 – WWD

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Street Style at New York Fashion Week Fall 2023 – WWD

Turning a look — especially at New York Fashion Week — has always been the stuff of media fodder, just not necessarily of the social variety.

Long before Instagram or TikTok were even a glimmer in their creators’ eyes, WWD was the go-to source for the goings-on on the streets, capturing people’s street style whether they worked in the industry or simply had something to say through clothes. Observing the street-style scene outside New York Fashion Week venues is often a way to keep up with trends before they even arrive to the runway.

The fall 2023 collections have just gotten underway in New York, and the editors, buyers, celebrities and influencers in attendance can offer clues into key pieces to seek out in real time.

New York Fashion Week in particular is a sartorial smorgasbord, with inspiration to suit everyone. Outside of Carolina Herrera and Markarian we are sure to spot Ladies Who Lunch donning their feminine finery, while cool kids like Jackson Wiederhoeft and Elena Velez attract an artsier downtown crowd with zany get-ups to boot.

No matter the tribe, there are some unifying trends to look out for.

Slim, floor-length skirts are quickly usurping the micro mini as a must-have and are sure to be spotted all about town. As is graphic knitwear, which will take center stage given temperatures this week are expected to be too warm for statement coats (a winter favorite among those paparazzi peacocks). In their place, nylon pilot jackets may just take flight. 

Colorwise, Pantone‘s spicy lineup this season featuring red orange, red dahlia, high visibility yellow and color of the year, viva magenta are sure to stop traffic, while hot fudge — a decadent brown — will likely continue to prevail over as the go-to neutral.

For tailoring, oversize silhouettes will continue to hold their grip, but expect them to be worn atop loafers or ballet flats. Both fit with the prevailing mood right now, which is more formal than sneakers allow, but remain practical. Fashion loves a stiletto, but tip-toeing it atop six inches will surely cause delays en-route to the next show. 

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