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Stephen A Smith Angered These A-List Celebrities And Athletes, Whether He Deserved It Or Not

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Stephen A Smith Angered These A-List Celebrities And Athletes, Whether He Deserved It Or Not

Stephen A. Smith is known for his wild takes and abrasive personality. He could be like most sports analysts and discuss his athletic topics lightly, but instead, he opts for opinions and quotes that will make headlines. While he may have peaked in that regard when he was working with Skip Bayless, his persona is still pretty intense.

While no one pushes people’s buttons like Skip Bayless, Stephen A. has certainly made some enemies over the years. His biggest opponent has Dallas Cowboys fans, a team that Stephen A. takes pride in when they lose in dramatic fashion. However, he certainly has had some famous antagonists over the years, some of whom are outright superstars.


8 Stephen A. Smith Angered Kwame Brown By Calling Him A Scrub


One beef that has stood the test of time has been Stephen A.’s brawl with one of the biggest draft busts in NBA history. Kwame Brown was selected number 1 overall by the Washington Wizards in the 2001 NBA Draft. While there are plenty of draft busts in all the major sports leagues, what made Kwame’s failure so monumental was that he was a big reason Michael Jordan came out of retirement.

Stephen A. was one of the first to point this out back in the 2000s. His breakout moment was when he appeared on an early version of First Take and called Kwame a “bonafide scrub”. Kwame took a long to clap back at Stephen A., calling the sports analyst out on social media back in May 2021. Stephen A. responded by showcasing a montage of Kwame’s NBA lowlights on his ESPN show Stephen A’s World.

7 Stephen A. Smith And Skip Bayless Had A Weird Beef With Terrell Suggs

Skip Bayless and Terrell Suggs

Back in the 2011-2012 NFL season, the Baltimore Ravens were one of the best teams in the league. They played great in large part to their linebacker Terrell Suggs. Terrell appeared on First Take three times during the season, including two appearances based around the Raven’s playoff game against Skip Bayless’s beloved New England Patriots.

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All 3 times, Terrell and Skip talked a lot of smack to each other, with Stephen A. trying to chime in to cool the situation down. Stephen A. didn’t seem to help at all, as Terrell would continue to call both of them bad words throughout the interviews.

Funnily enough, Terrell has turned to film and television with his production company Team Sizzle productions. While he’s only had a couple of film appearances as an actor, there are a lot of NFL players who have turned completely into full-time actors.

6 Stephen A. Smith And Terrell Owens Had Beef Over Colin Kaepernick

Stephen A Smith and Terrell Owens

Stephen A. had no intentions of angering Terrell Owens, but he really struck a nerve with T.O. when discussing the Colin Kaepernick controversy. This was back in 2019 when this topic was very hot-button.

Stephen A. talked to Terrell politely, referring to Terrell’s skills on the field, but was very defensive when T.O. kept going on the offensive. They couldn’t stop arguing about each other’s intentions, with Terrell taking Max Kellerman’s side of the argument. Terrell jokingly said that Max was “blacker” than Stephen A., which instantly

5 Stephen A. Smith Has Had Many Problems With NBA Champion Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving talking

Kyrie Irving is someone who’s all over the place. He’s done a lot of things, like winning an NBA championship. Kyrie was once in love with R&B singer Kehlani, but she ended up leaving him for singer/rapper PND. His opinions vary, which is why he’s been the ire of Stephen A. many times.

During Kyrie’s time with the Brooklyn Nets, a lot of things happened that caused Stephen A. to rant on First Take and social media. When Kyrie finally returned to the team after a contract-related holdout in 2022, he tweeted directly at Stephen A. after the First Take analyst called Kyrie out on social media. The two went back and forth, accusing the other of being misinformed.

4 Stephen A. Smith Squashed His Long-Running Beef With Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Stephen A Smith
Via: Youtube

For years Kevin thought negatively of Stephen A. before the two reconciled in an interview for ESPN back in 2019. While they may have cleared the air back then, the two have had multiple Twitter beefs since then. Kevin said Stephen A. has changed the game “for the worse”, regarding the media’s coverage of basketball.

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Kevin has recently been traded to the Phoenix Suns, a move that has completely shaken the basketball world. Stephen, of course, has expressed his opinion on the whole matter, declaring the Suns as “championship or bust”.

3 Stephen A. Smith Wanted No Problems With MMA Expert Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan on his podcast JRE
Via: Joe Rogan Experience/Youtube

Joe is another contentious media figure, and just like Stephen A, has had numerous beefs with celebrities. However, Joe and Stephen A. had beef back in 2020 when they both covered MMA for ESPN.

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Joe thought Stephen A. had no idea what he was talking about when it came to professional fighting. The beef got really nasty, with Joe calling Stephen A. a bunch of bad words on his podcast. Their problems have never been patched up, despite Stephen A. extending many olive branches.

2 What Happened To Stephen A. Smith And Skip Bayless?

Stephen A Smith, Molly Qerim and Skip Bayless

Skip has made a lot of enemies over the years, with his bizarre hatred of Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, and Tony Romo making tons of headlines. However, there is one person Skip has had animosity with that has many fans scratching their heads – his former First Take partner Stephen A Smith.

Years after Skip’s departure to Fox Sports, the two made it clear there were no hard feelings. However, Skip has had problems with Stephen A. saying that he “saved” First Take from failure. Stephen A. said this on J.J. Reddick’s podcast, and Skip just had to retort. Skip seemed really upset with this take, although Stephen A. has never responded.

Skip has continued his controversial antics on Fox Sport’s Undisputed. His opinions really haven’t changed over the years. He still dislikes Lebron James and Russell Westbrook, while also not caring for some new players such as Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes.

1 What Happened To Stephen A. Smith And Max Kellerman?

Max Kellerman

Stephen A. didn’t seem to push Skip Bayless away, but he may have pushed this co-host away.

After Skip left in 2016, Max Kellerman joined First Take full-time as Skip’s replacement. He and Stephen A. never seemed to gel too well, and that may have resulted in Max leaving First Take. The two have agreed on that in interviews since then, with Stephen A. saying that their chemistry had “stagnated”. Many fans think it’s all Stephen A’s fault, however.

While Max is no longer on First Take, he still appears on numerous ESPN talk shows. He was controversial for his opinions on NFL quarterback Tom Brady, though he may have been right about Tom in the end.

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