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Spy: Broadcaster Tony Street approaching 40 and menopause

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Spy: Broadcaster Tony Street approaching 40 and menopause

Tony Street says he’s on ‘high alert’ for menopause. Photo / Granny Martens

Months before her 40th birthday, broadcaster Toni Street says she is on ‘high alert’ for menopause.

The coastal radio host has been podcasting for nearly a year and her latest series on menopause is well known to Kiwis.

This week, Sunday host Miriam Kamo revealed how big a role anxiety can play in transitioning.

“She was incredibly open about her sudden development of anxiety and how she couldn’t believe it was menopause-related,” Street tells Spy.

“Miri went through menopause at 42 so for me at 39 it was a big wake up call, my mum also went through menopause at 39 so now I’m alert.”

Street turns 40 in September, and says many of her friends are 1983 babies, too, so this year is a party year.

“When it’s time for my party, it’s also going to be a dress-up and I want people to go strong, so we wanted to return the favor in advance.”

She and her husband Matt were dressed as Ninja Turtles heroes last weekend. “Matt and I wanted to go as a couple and we were both obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as kids, so it was the perfect choice – the feedback was hilarious, with most people telling me I should dye my hair red.”

Toni Street and her husband Matt France dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters. Photo / Delivered

Those 40s were “wild” and Street trusts there was an accident at the latest. “My neighbor thought it was a good chance to try his first ‘caterpillar’ and he hit his head on the dance floor and lost half his front tooth.”

Certainly a series of party incidents is a must for her podcasts.

Street was initially hesitant to start her lifestyle and wellness podcast We Need To Talk, which is an extension of her breakfast radio show and gives her time to reveal and educate more about the topics she cares about.

“I was actually skeptical about starting a podcast to begin with, but it was the biggest, pleasant surprise,” she tells Spy.

“I absolutely love interviews – I can go much deeper into topics that I’m interested in and that I know my friends and audience will really care about.”

The topic of anxiety — and normalizing conversations about it — is a constant thread in her podcasts.

Street has always been passionate about health and wellness and says she has buckets to share because of her own health journey.

“I had a very personal conversation with Dr. Galia Barhava-Monteith, who has the same autoimmune disease as me.

“We talked about our shared experiences, dealing with steroid use, our symptoms and weight gain.”

Her other standout interviews were with Gemma McCaw, who advised how to feel happy with small daily routines to improve your well-being. And former Shortland Street star and personal trainer Monique Meredith (née Bree), who spoke to Street about her tough upbringing and how fitness became her beacon of light.

Men should listen too – divorce coach Bridget Jackson talks about how good communication and acknowledging the changes around menopause can help strengthen a relationship.

More to come in the series, with Dr Libby Weaver talking about the role sugar plays in perimenopause/menopause and why it’s especially important for women in this group to be mindful of their sugar consumption, as well as an interview with Dr Louise from United Kingdom Newson, who created the Balance Menopause website, home to the largest menopause library in the world.

Street will also do a weight loss series, which she says will be fascinating.

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