‘Spotify: Cinema with BR’ Episode 16: 40 years of Mani Ratnam

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‘Spotify: Cinema with BR’ Episode 16: 40 years of Mani Ratnam

Siding with Madhusudhan’s take on Nayakan.

As years move on , yep Thalapathi would look and feel like the better movie than Nayakan if people compare them as Thalapathi was a more simple and straightforward movie , it had better songs , Santhosh Sivan’s fantastic camerawork , a Rajinikanth performance which would be a great eye-opener for today’s kids who only think Rajini as that thatha who romanced Nayanthara in Annaatthe and this would change their opinion on him.

Nayakan’s novelty of the frame inside a frame iruttu room cinematography which was at the time a never seen one would get worn off and Kamal’s performance and especially his crying would get mocked.

I didn’t have a problem with Agni Natchathiram, it was good for what it was but as I said it before , the Janagaraj comedy was tasteless and Nirosha’s ” AAAAAAAAIIII LAAAAAAVVVV UUUUUUUUU” makes me go wtf.

Mouna Ragam is still a great watch because of the Revathi character , which we won’t find in today’s movies.

Anjali is an easy watch though sometimes it would feel like the children are doing too much for their age.

Geethanjali , its been a really long time since I last watched it so idk.

Pagal Nilavu isn’t that bad but it felt like someone other than Mani Ratnam could have directed it and it would have been the same movie.

Aayutha Ezhuthu , despite its sugarcoating of youth politics would get even more love because of the hyperlink narrative and it’s screenplay that didn’t make us feel bore for even a second.

( Its not a Pre-Roja movie , still)

But Idhaya Kovil , yebba saamy!!

Kadal , Kaatru Veliyidai , CCV la kooda there were 5 to 10 good scenes to like , inga apadi 1 kooda ila , epadi dhan Ilayaraja idhuku romba nalla paatta pottaro.

Great dhan avaru.

If someone asks me which terrible movie had the best soundtrack ever , my pick would be this for sure.

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