Shah Rukh Khan Shares Proud Moment of Son Aryan Khan’s New Brand Advertisement Teaser on Social Media

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Shah Rukh Khan Shares Proud Moment of Son Aryan Khan’s New Brand Advertisement Teaser on Social Media

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shah rukh khan-Aryan Khan: There is no limit to how eagerly fans wait to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s films. Now King Khan’s children are also ready to rock the world with their talent. A new update has come out for the fans which is related to Shahrukh’s eldest son Aryan Khan. Recently King Khan’s son Aryan Khan has shot his first ad film which is also his directorial debut in a way. The special thing is that Shah Rukh Khan has also appeared in this teaser video.

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Recently, Aryan Khan shared a video on his social media giving fans a hint about his luxury ‘streetwear brand’ along with his friends Bunty and Letty. Glimpses of Shahrukh Khan can be seen in this teaser video, Aryan has raised the excitement of people to watch this entire ad film in coming 24 hours. It is indeed a very special moment of happiness for Aryan as he has got the opportunity to direct his father Shah Rukh Khan in his first directorial project. In the short teaser clip, Shah Rukh Khan is seen writing the words ‘timeless’ on a blackboard. Then he picks up a paintbrush, then at the end of the video, a glimpse of King Khan’s face is seen.

Beginning of Direction
King Khan is seen in a very dashing look in Aryan’s clothing brand. Although, the actor’s face is not shown completely, but still King Khan impresses the fans with his look. Please inform that Aryan Khan has made his directorial debut with this teaser. Earlier, Aryan had announced on social media that he has completed work on his first project. This is a series which will be directed by him.

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