Sam didn’t board the Jawan bus?

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Sam didn’t board the Jawan bus?
Sam didn’t board the Jawan bus?


Reports suggest role was first offered to Samantha, who turned it down and Nayanthara stepped in

Director Atlee is making his debut in Bollywood with the film ‘Jawan’ starring Shahrukh Khan. The title teaser of the movie was released on June 3 and it has taken social media by storm. Reportedly, Nayanthara will be playing the female lead and the movie makers are expected to make that announcement soon.

Now, there is a new buzz that before Nayanthara, the first choice of the female lead was offered to Samantha. According to reports, Samantha was offered ‘Jawan’ first but she rejected it due to certain personal reasons. Once Samantha turned down the project, it was offered to Nayanthara.
Shahrukh Khan in the title teaser sports a rugged look and it has created anticipation among fans expecting the movie to be different from any of Shahrukh Khan’s movies. Samantha adding the title teaser to her Instagram story stated that it was deadly.

This is Atlee’s first Hindi movie and his first collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan. The film is expected to be released in theatres on June 2, 2023 in five languages.

Nayanthara reportedly will be playing the role of an investigator and Shahrukh Khan will be playing a dual role in the film.


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