Rang De Korea: K-Pop Concert To K-Fashion, Glimpses Of Korean Culture In Two-Day Delhi Festival

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Rang De Korea: K-Pop Concert To K-Fashion, Glimpses Of Korean Culture In Two-Day Delhi Festival
Rang De Korea: K-Pop Concert To K-Fashion, Glimpses Of Korean Culture In Two-Day Delhi Festival

Love Korean culture? Then Rang de Korea is perfect for you. The festival is being organised in Delhi on October 28 and 29. Scroll down for details!


Updated Aug 25, 2023 | 11:08 PM IST

Rang De Korea Festival To Be Held In New Delhi (Image Credit: ANI)

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and India, various cultural events will be held and as part of it a K-pop concert was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi. Famous singer Neeti Mohan joined a local K-Pop cover dance team to highlight the importance of cultural exchange between the two countries. The K-pop idol group ‘MustB’ also performed, showcasing the spirit of K-pop.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism hosted a ‘K-Culture Conference’ to meet with future generations of India as K-culture is making its impact on Indian youths. Students from the King Sejong Institutes in India and learners of K-culture courses at the Korean Cultural Centre India participated in the event under the topic ‘My Dream with Korean Language and Culture’. King Sejong Institute had 2,082 students in 2020 which increased to 9,696 in 2022.

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The aim of the meeting was to listen to Indian youths and their experiences of growing interest in Korean language and culture, and how their curiosity led them to investigate Korean-related professional possibilities and ideas for promoting K-Culture within India.

As per the Korean Cultural Centre India Press Release, since establishing diplomatic relations with India in 1973, the Republic of Korea has continuously developed friendly relations in the cultural field, including the signing of the Cultural Agreement in 1974, the opening of the first Korean Cultural Center in Southeast Asia in 2012, and the adoption of Korean as the second foreign language in India in 2020.

Especially this year, being the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations, they plan to lay the groundwork for fostering cultural and personal exchanges among future generations through commemorative cultural events, according to the Korean Cultural Centre India Press Release.

The popularity of Korean content has also increased. Monthly average consumption of Korean cultural contents (2023 Overseas Hallyu Survey): 1st India (28.0 hours), 2nd UAE (22.1 hours), 3rd Indonesia (22.0 hours) / National average (15.2 hours). There will be a number of programmes that will be held to strengthen the cultural ties between the countries and their people.

Rang De Korea : K-Pop Concert To K-Fashion, Glimpses Of Korean Culture In Two-Day Festival In Delhi

Events promoting cultural exchange between India and Korea will continue throughout the year. The two-day ‘Rang de Korea’ (Wear Korean colours) festival will take place in New Delhi on October 28 and 29, giving Indian youngsters interested in K-Culture the chance to sample a variety of facets of Korean culture, including K-Pop, K-Fashion, K-Food, and K-Beauty. The festival will include a K-Pop concert as well as traditional Korean performances such as a fusion of traditional music, traditional games, Taekwondo, and a fashion show that reinterprets Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes). Indian youths can participate in a variety of events like experiencing Korean cuisine, attending traditional wedding rituals, Korean calligraphy, and attending ‘Squid Game’-related activities.

Furthermore, various cultural exchange events such as the Korea Tourism Festival (August, New Delhi, Gurugram), Indian Film Screenings (September, Gwangju Asia Culture Center), Ink Painting Exhibition (September, New Delhi, Korean Cultural Center India), Buddhist Art Exhibition (December, Seoul National Museum of Korea), and Cultural Exchange Gala Show (December, India) will be held in both countries, according to Korean Cultural Centre India Press Release.

Yu Byung Chae, Deputy Minister of Cultural and Arts Policy at the Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism, who attended the ‘K-Culture Conference’ and ‘K-Pop Concert’ in India, stated, “K-Culture plays a crucial role in connecting the future generations of Korea and India. Through the cultural events commemorating the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, I hope that young people from both countries will have more opportunities to interact and build friendships.” He added, “We will continue to support various cultural exchange projects to bring Korea and India closer through K-Culture,” according to Korean Cultural Centre India Press Release.

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