rakshit: Rakshit launches 2 movies

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rakshit: Rakshit launches 2 movies


After tasting success with Charlie 777 that was released across the country in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, actor-cum-producer Rakshit Shetty launched two Kannada movies at Dharmagiri Manjunathaswamy Temple, Banashankari on Thursday. These are: Bachelor Party and Ibbani Thabbida Ileyali. These movies are being made under the banner of Paramvah Studios.

While Abhijit Mahesh is assigned to direct Bachelor Party, Chandrajit Belliyappa is the director for Ibbani Thabbida Ileyali.

“We should get a variety of scripts. We have to welcome script writers with new ideas. Our Paramvah Studios is always ready to encourage such writers. Abhijit Mahesh has been with me since the launch of my movie Kirik Party in 2016,’’ said Rakshit.

Rakshit, Rishab Shetty and Diganth are expected to be in Bachelor Party’s cast. “It is my second movie under the Paramvah Studios banner. The script written by Abhijit Mahesh is good and is a comedy that is a laugh riot,’’ said Diganth.

On Ibbani Thabbida Ileyali, director Belliyappa said the movie would be like a beautiful dream. “I want to make this movie a memorable one for the audiences,’’ said Belliyappa.


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