Purab Kohli: I have refused a lot of movies which I don’t want my kids to watch | Hindi Movie News

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Purab Kohli: I have refused a lot of movies which I don’t want my kids to watch | Hindi Movie News

Purab Kohli as the edgy villain in ‘Blind‘ is giving the chills on OTT. The actor is a chameleon who knows how to swiftly switch between characters and personalities. As ‘Blind’ gains momentum with the audience, the actor gives ETimes an insight about the thriller, his prep for the role and spills the beans on his journey in front of the camera.

Purab Kohli Interview: On BLIND, Conscious CHOICES Of Films, Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood Journey & More

Describe the experience of shooting during lockdown in Scotland?

It was pretty hard, I have to say. It was very cold and at times it snowed all al the time. We were in a bubble, so we couldn’t leave the hotel. Plus the kind of character I was playing, it was quite dark and lonely. So it was a difficult shoot. But I mean, just judging the response that people are giving, I hope I can deliver the same satisfaction in the film. But it just feels great that we did a good job and then all the difficulties get forgotten.

Any prep for this role?

It’s hard to find and interact with people who are serial killers (laughs). But I read about real life incidents, trying to understand the emotions that these kind of characters have. And then bring out those nuances in the character.

As you described that the part was edgy, so was it difficult getting out of it post the shoot?

Yeah it is hard. I mean you get into a part and if it’s an intense one, it takes a little time for it to shed off you. To clean off that skin. It does play on your mind, you feel these things, even if it’s all happy-go-lucky. Sometimes you don’t agree with certain good qualities of a character. As a person you think I would never do that and those qualities also can affect your psyche in a certain way, and your own personal judgment into things later on. So I think every character has its cleaning process. And you have to let go of them.

Have you watched the original Korean movie?

Yes, I actually. The first time Shome told me about Blind, he sent me the original film too. He didn’t tell me which part he was offering me in Blind and said just watch the film, I am going to remake. And I want you to play a part. So I loved the film and he asked me which part I wanted to play, I said I like the killer. It is a good part. So he said okay and then about 4 or 5 or 6 months later he sent me the script. I had a few little issues, which he tackled quite beautifully. And then that was it. It was a no brainer.

Experience of shooting with Sonam Kapoor? Since the treatment of this film was completely different

To be honest, I didn’t have so much interaction with Sonam. In the sense. I remember when Shome first came to London, I told him, ‘Why don’t you let Sonam and me hang out, so we get to know each other’. But he was quite keen that we didn’t meet each other too much before the film because he wanted the tension between both the characters. So we don’t become buddies and hang out. My parts are very separate from everybody else’s. I am standing away from them, doing my own thing, so interactions with other cast members was bare minimal. Vinay and I were in the same hotel, so we used to go on walks together.

How was it to reunite with Vinay Pathak?

Vinay ji and I share really nice memories. I regard him as my guru, my first teacher of acting. I have a lot of respect for him and his work and it as lovely to hang out with him. He was the icing on the cake.

Have your film choices changed after becoming a parent?

I have become more conscious. Not so much with ‘Blind’ but I have refused stuff that I feel don’t think I would want my children to watch me in. I have refused a lot of stuff that has come my way in the past couple of years when my kids have been born. The characters I choose to play do exist in reality and I can’t be judgmental about them. I have to play them, to the honest best I can. And what I also focus on is explaining to my children the nature of acting and the job I do. Hopefully one day they will grow up and appreciate the kind of performances that I have done and the characters that I have played.

Also, over the years, how important is the money aspect for you when you pick a movie?

It’s important, I won’t say it’s not. You need to get paid to do any job. I am in a position in my career where I can’t do things for free, which I used to do a lot when I was younger. I live in the UK and every time I come on a job, I have to leave my family behind. More than money, I worry about my time. Where do I want to spend my time? Do I want to be on a set that I am unhappy on? To answer your question, Yes money is important but where I am giving my time is more important. You have to value your time. I have learned that in my life. There is only 24 hours in the day, you have to calculate how much you want to spend on which person. And you will only realize this when you have kids. My children are 7 and 4. Every time I go away for 2 weeks, they look bigger when I come back. I feel like I missed out on those 2 weeks. I really want to make sure I am going to the right place.

From VJing to TV and films to OTT… what has been your success mantra?

With all my parts, what excites me the most is that I want to look different in them all. Right from when I did ‘Woh Lamhe’, so many people told me that they didn’t recognize me. I was quite chuffed by the end of it. Immediately after that I did ‘Awarapan’ and people were shocked. That was the first time I played a negative role and even the coconut seller where I would go everyday didn’t recognize me! If they ever do another Bob Biswas, and if that part comes back, I want to do it. I enjoy looking different.

Has moving to London helped get more work in the west?

I decided to work in India and west, so it’s hard to match it all. I have been giving a lot of auditions and fingers crossed, I’ll make an impression and see how much will turn.

After ‘Blind’, what’s next in the pipeline?

I’m shooting another film with one of the producers of ‘Blind’. The film is called ‘Aahuti’, you have to wait to find out more about it.

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