Pokémon launching official trainers and fashion range for Team Rocket

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Pokémon launching official trainers and fashion range for Team Rocket

The baddies at Team Rocket are getting their own Pokémon fashion range.

The Pokémon Company is teaming up with fashion brand Akedo and online retailer Zavvi for T-shirts, hoodies, duffle bags and more — all bearing the brand of the evil gym from the Pokémon animated series and various games.

Led by the sinister Giovanni, Team Rocket goons Jessie and James frequently cause trouble alongside Meowth with their underhanded tactics.

Giovanni has been a thorn in Ash’s side ever since he inherited the leadership of Team Rocket from his mother, after previously heading up Viridian City Gym.

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This new fashion range includes black-and-red high-top trainers featuring Jessie and James on either side of the shoe, available for pre-orders for £59.99 with customisable sizes.

The full range will go on sale on Friday, March 24 at 6pm, but you can check out what’s available now:


Akedo x Pokémon Team Rocket Black Signature High Top



  • Team Rocket James Men’s T-shirt £17.99
    • Team Rocket Duffle Bag FROM £44.99
      • Team Rocket Jessie Men’s T-Shirt £17.99
        • Team Rocket Men’s T-Shirt Black £17.99
          • Team Rocket Meowth Men’s T-shirt £17.99
            • Team Rocket Box Bundle £49.99
              • Team Rocket Bucket Hat £16.99


                Team Rocket Box Bundle



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                All of the wearable products have customisable sizing available to ensure you’re getting the best fit possible for your Team Rocket merch.

                Akedo has plenty of experience on these pop culture fashion ranges, having previously designed exclusive lines for E.T., Stranger Things, Jurassic Park and The Matrix, among many others.

                team rocket meowth tshirt


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                You can also pick out a variety of replica Pokéballs, including the Ultra Ball, Great Ball and Premier Ball all available from the The Pokemon Company.

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