Partra Celebrated 10th Anniversary With  Eminent Celebrities from Bollywood & Television

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Partra Celebrated 10th Anniversary With  Eminent Celebrities from Bollywood & Television
Partra Celebrated 10th Anniversary With  Eminent Celebrities from Bollywood & Television


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Partra Celebrated 10th Anniversary With  Eminent Celebrities from Bollywood & Television

August 16:  On August 6, 2022, at Burn – Bar & Kitchen, celebrities from Bollywood and television attended the 10th-anniversary celebration of PARTRA, a party and travel business founded by VibhaNarshana to unite all travellers and event enthusiasts and to socialize and explore places in India. It’s extremely basic for everyone to harbour fantasies of opening their own business. However, managing a prosperous business while experiencing life’s ups and downs is different. Partra Travels is another business that started with the straightforward idea that people with similar interests should get in touch. Ten years ago, a young woman believed that individuals shouldn’t have to make travel or party plans. They must find like-minded individuals to have fun when travelling or partying is all required to enjoy yourselves. 

Partra welcomed people from many industries and sectors to join them in celebrating its 10th anniversary. Eminent Bollywood and television stars attended the ceremony. AnupriyaGoenka, a well-known Bollywood actress, was the guest of honour, along with Vaishnavi McDonalds, Sajni Srivastava, and Vaquer Sheikh. AlefiaKapdia was there for the occasion.

“I feel Very happy and proud that as our nation completes its 75Years of Independence. We are also completing years of operations. I thank all the people who supported us to be a successful company.” VibhaNarshana

The occasion gave honours to individuals who are excelling in their fields. Awards were given to everyone, from entrepreneurs to social media influencers. VibhaNarshana believes that praise is crucial since it not only motivates others to improve but also allows us to establish relationships with them. The show was a complete entertainment package, which included a dance party, food, and beverages.

Through the event’s sponsorship opportunities, a few businesses were also highlighted and assisted in growing their operations. Aura Spa, Kingfisher, Svar Fine Jewellery, Deesha Foods, Selfie Queens, Super Woman, Vyts, Rising Energies, Goldie, Rishan, Villa, J Ashok Tanzanntte, and many others were among the sponsors.

Please find the list of award winners.

Best Entrepreneur Award: BhupendraVarshney

Best Hotelier Award: JigarTulsidasLuhana

Best Entrepreneur Award: Nimesh Jain

Best Makeup Influencer Award: Sheela Chaudhry

Best Fashion Influencer Award: Marita Monteiro Singh

Best Entrepreneur Award: Yogendra Rajput

Best Vastu consultant Award: Bhavna Mehta

Best Stylish Makeup Award: DeeptiNathe

Best Entrepreneur Award: RajaniMaheshkumar

Best Entreprenuer Award: Varun Vasant Shah

Best Builder Award: Manish Rathod

Best Interior designer Award: Ami Mehta

Best Content Creation Award: Sehnaaz Sheikh

Best Food Influencer Award: Rony Modi

Best  Food Influencer Award: Kamlesh Modi

Best Entreprenuer Award: Dr AmolRajgure

Best Event admin Award: Ravi Parekh

Best luxury car award: Ramindersingh

The award ceremony was a huge success. This event served as a means to thank the outstanding and brilliant artists, community leaders, and others for their hard work. It inspires the award recipients to keep up their excellent job and other audience members to follow them. The gathering served as a means of expressing our gratitude to the artists and other talented members.


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