Pakistani celebrities enjoy the mesmerising scenery of Skardu

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Pakistani celebrities enjoy the mesmerising scenery of Skardu

The picturesque Northern areas of Pakistan have always been revered as a heavenly destination, often compared to the beauty of Switzerland.

With its snow-capped peaks, meandering rivers, lush greenery and refreshing air, it truly feels like paradise on Earth. The captivating allure of KPK and Gilgit Baltistan attracts not only the general public but also our beloved celebrities.

The enchanting beauty of Skardu in Pakistan’s Northern areas has beckoned numerous celebrities, including Wajahat Rauf, Shazia Wajahat, Shahzad Sheikh, Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, to embrace a much-needed break with their families. Amidst the breath-taking landscapes and serene surroundings, Pakistani celebrities are cherishing quality moments, creating unforgettable memories together.

Shazia Wajahat’s captivating snapshots from their vacation have left fans in awe, evoking a strong desire to embark on their own Skardu adventure. Truly, Skardu has cast its spell on Pakistani celebrities and it’s evident why it has become a must-visit destination for all seeking a slice of paradise on Earth.

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