OMG 2 star Pankaj Tripathi and director Amit Rai reveal if Adipurush’s reaction worried them [Exclusive]

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OMG 2 star Pankaj Tripathi and director Amit Rai reveal if Adipurush’s reaction worried them [Exclusive]

OMG 2 earned close to Rs 80 crore at the box office. Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi are big hits. The movie is doing super steady at the box office. Collections may pick up again this coming weekend. Best of all, fans, critics and the general public said that the film deserves a U/A certificate to reach its target audience, teenagers and audiences. They even slammed the censor board for cutting the film and gave it an A certificate. Speaking to BollywoodLife, Amit Rai said, “We were of the belief that the A certificate was wrong. We are glad that our conviction resonated with everyone. I don’t want to say much. Almost everyone is of the opinion that OMG 2 deserved a U/A certificate.” Star Pankaj Tripathi, who plays the lead role of Kanti Sharan Mudgal, said the story is important to society. Also Read – OMG 2 director Amit Rai shares Akshay Kumar starrer script rejected by Karan Johar, Ashutosh Gowariker and others

The OMG 2 team on how the world of Twitter differs from the real world

He further said, “Writing OMG 2 was extraordinary. My personal belief is that the world of Twitter differs from the reality on the ground. The real world is so much better.” It has gotten to the point where the actors’ religious ideologies are discussed and debated. “I believe Sarvadharma Sambhav’s philosophy is applicable in the world of films. Some people may not see things in this light, but I believe in this principle. On set every religion irrespective of religion prays to Lord Ganpati before starting work day .. I have no idea about this Twitter world. I believe that the people who live in India are like sugar that has melted in a cauldron of milk. Once melted, you can’t take the sweetness out of milk. I feel films should have that sweetness of diversity that is India,” said Amit Rai. Also Read – Gadar 2, Pathaan and other Bollywood hits that surpassed South Indian films

Pankaj Tripathi on working with Akshay Kumar Also Read – Akshay Kumar writes thank you note to fans as Gadar 2 and OMG 2 create box office history

We also asked Pankaj Tripathi about working with Akshay Kumar. The Jugalbandi between the two was great. He tells us: “It was great. Amit set the mood with his writing. We had a smooth experience working together. It was fun. Akshay Kumar was the one who told me about the film. It was Shandaar.” The two also praised casting director Indu Sharma, who selected the actors to suit the film’s milieu.

If OMG 2 team worried after Adipurush’s reaction?

We also asked if the backlash to Adipurush has left them a little worried. Amit Rai tells us, “Of course, this film faced problems as some people didn’t like the language. It was for Ram, this is Mahadev. I was a bit scared, I won’t lie.” But Pankaj Tripathi dismisses all that. He told us: “I didn’t feel any fear. I feel we give too much importance to an insignificant number of people. Who are these people? None of them have seen the movie. Every day I read stories quoting CBFC sources. I wonder which sources they were? Hardly a few people had even seen the trailer. Amit is the greatest Shiv Bhakt I have ever seen. He took the script to Mahakal’s temple to seek blessings. Yeh Twitter ki nakli duniya please don’t take it seriously. Social media has become a jhunjuna (baby toy) for some. It can be used in a wonderful way, but nonsense penetrates more.”

Amit Rai on why manufacturers should not avoid tales rooted in Sanatan Dharma

The success of OMG 2 proved that if a maker is confident, there is no need to shy away from making films by taking references from Indian mythology or spirituality. Amit Rai tells us, “The moment we avoid saying that my mother is my mother, we hesitate in life. Compared to India, America is a newer nation. Our culture is called Sanatana because it is so ancient. It teaches us to live based on faith, not limitations. When we’re part of a religion that teaches inclusion in such a wonderful way, why do we turn away from it.” He says that if people don’t understand their roots, they won’t get anywhere in life. “You can refute written texts saying they are false or biased, but how can you disbelieve something carved in stone. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha found a place in our temples. In ancient times, temples brought people together. We ignored it, ie. our fault.”

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