Nurturing the Dreams of Young Entrepreneurs – Chilliwack Progress

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Nurturing the Dreams of Young Entrepreneurs – Chilliwack Progress


Futurpreneur is the only national non-profit organization that provides funding tools, mentoring and support to aspiring business owners ages 18-39. Their internationally recognized mentoring program connects young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,400 volunteer mentors.

An example of that success can be found right here in Chilliwack, with Kimberly Fraile and Sarah Rahn, who used Futurpreneur tools and funding to open Fraser & Co. Modern Vintage located at 9345 Mill St.

“We opened our store in August 2021 – for the previous year and a half, our business consisted of pop-up stores and online sales,” says Freil. “We thought it would be great to own a storefront, but we had no idea how to get financing. Then we found the Futurpreneur website and got started by using their free business plan writing tool and cash flow template.”

Futurpreneur’s Interactive Business Plan Writer is designed to simplify the business planning process by offering tips and tricks to help you create a plan that is well structured to help you secure the funding you need to get your business off the ground.

“We thought it would take five years for this to happen, and we were a little scared, but their funding and support allowed us to make that leap much sooner,” says Fraile. “We worked with an amazing mentor who has a very calm presence. He gave us a lot of great advice on financial guidelines and how to focus on our strengths. We still meet with him once a month – he is very encouraging!”

For 25 years, Futurpreneur has helped aspiring young entrepreneurs launch successful businesses that contribute to sustainable economic development in their communities and for Canada.

“Young entrepreneurs often don’t have a lot of access to capital or business experience and that’s where we come in,” says Futurpreneur senior business development manager Nicola Jones-Crossley. “We give them the tools they need to succeed.”

Their goal is to drive inclusive Canadian prosperity by nurturing the success of young entrepreneurs by providing access to seed capital that young entrepreneurs often lack, coupled with the guidance and advice of experienced mentors to help their businesses grow and thrive .

Kimberly Fraile and Sarah Rahn, co-owners of Fraser Co., located at 9345 Mill St. in Chilliwack, are a Futurpreneur success story.

“We are very grateful to Futurpreneur for all their help. It was a scary move, but they helped make it all possible. We’re so happy to actually have our store right here in Chilliwack!” Freil says.

Listen to the Futurpreneur podcast Launch and prosper to hear more stories of young entrepreneurs who have started their business with the help of Futurpreneur.

Are you a young entrepreneur looking to start your own business, or do you know someone who is?

Learn more about Futurpreneur programs on Facebook and Instagram or call (604)598-2923 for their BC office located at 2015 Main St., Vancouver.



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