NHL style power rankings: Fashion wins entering the postseason and the offseason

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NHL style power rankings: Fashion wins entering the postseason and the offseason

What does it take to make a memorable entrance? No matter what, you have to stand out in some way, shape or form.

Some athletes allow their outfits to do all of the talking. Others like using the buddy system — tag-teaming the runway with a teammate or another partner. Occasionally, players dress like a teammate, incidentally or on purpose. And less frequently, players use props to enhance their catwalk.

In this week’s NHL style power rankings, readers will see a little bit of everything. No details were spared as 16 teams moved on to the playoffs — and for the other 16 teams whose seasons came to an end, there was no better time to show off as they head into the offseason.

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10. Nashville Predators

There was never any question about the Predators having that “dawg” in them, but a week before the season ended, Nashville teamed up with Pedigree and Mars Petcare to walk into Bridgestone Arena with photos of adoptable dogs on their shirts (included here are Kiefer Sherwood, Luke Evangelista and Cody Glass). On April 12, the Nashville Humane Association returned to Bridgestone Arena with dogs. A day later, the Predators beat the Minnesota Wild, 4-3, in overtime for their fifth and final win of the month.

The Seattle Kraken forward and goaltender walked in looking like the plaid Blues Brothers. The only thing needed was square sunglasses; that would really do it. I love how McCann and Grubauer essentially came in with the same outfit. The plaids are both checkered, and they have similar hats, shoes and ties. The main differences are McCann’s light-tan suit and Grubauer wearing a brown three-piece suit.

When I look at a photo of siblings, I enjoy being able to tell who’s older and younger. Jack, the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NHL Draft, clearly is the older brother. His style and stature give it away completely, because his suit is more tailored, and the overall fit is more relaxed. With experience, people learn what will and won’t fly in the workplace, so Jack sporting the beanie and low sneakers with the suit makes sense. Luke, comparatively, is more dressed up. His purple plaid suit isn’t as synched, but he takes less chances with his outfit.

Jarvis sports a cyan suit with a dark-purple tie, while Kotkaniemi wears a dark-purple suit with a lavender tie. The two Carolina Hurricanes centers look fantastic in their respective outfits. Kotkaniemi’s pinstripe suit is sharp, and the color gives it a regal feel. Jarvis’ suit stands out because of the bright, fun color, and he keeps it casual with his Stan Smith sneakers.

If Brooks Brothers is looking for any suit models, the Devils center should be among the company’s first calls. This photo looks exactly like a suit advertisement — and just in time for men to start ordering those linen suits for Memorial Day Weekend. Everything about Hischier looks perfectly put together, especially the mahogany tie with the tan three-piece suit. His one hand in the pocket with the slight look around the bend brings it all together.

And the winner for best prop of the year goes to … the Buffalo Sabres center! I’ve given so much credit to photographers throughout this series, but I want to applaud the Sabres’ photo team for capturing this super suave moment. Cozens went all out with this dark-blue pinstripe suit, then did the inverse concept with his dress shirt as the primary stripes are light blue. I like the black tie with the black Louis Vuitton belt.

All I want is for someone to take photos of me with the same enthusiasm Ryan Lomberg flicks up for Duclair. It’s a simple wish, but look at how happy the Florida Panthers teammates are during this photoshoot. This is the kind of teamwork you love to see! The winger wasn’t going to leave Duclair alone until he got the best shot of the forward’s tan, three-piece suit with the baby-blue shirt, black vest and pants.

I can’t believe it took until April for me to feature a Canadian tuxedo. A special thank you to the Calgary Flames forward for breaking the mold. Lucic managed to easily put together three different types of denim, and he did the right thing with the brown, suede Vans high tops.

A lavender three-piece suit? And no tie? Wait, he’s wearing socks?! And do I spy with my little eye some lavender in the socks of the Kraken center? When players wear socks these days, it’s more of a surprise than when they don’t, considering the current trend. I appreciate the little details in Beniers outfit, as well as picking a seasonal color.

1. Bo Horvat

Horvat is dressing like a $68 million man thanks to the eight-year deal he inked in February in the midst of his best goal-scoring season. There’s not a single thing out of place about Horvat’s ensemble. His suit is exquisitely tailored, and the fit is perfect. No need to redesign the wheel here as Horvat works in a black-and-white plaid suit jacket, with a black tie as the centerpiece and a white handkerchief adorning his suit pocket.

(Photo of Matty Beniers: Ashley Potts / NHLI via Getty Images)

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