Naagin 6, 23rd April 2022, Written Update: Yash to marry Pratha

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Naagin 6, 23rd April 2022, Written Update: Yash to marry Pratha


In today’s episode, Pratha catches Nagmani in her mouth and gulps it down. She picks up Ramji’s bow and arrow. Sardar tells her to kill her father. Mehek goes to the temple and prays Ramji to kill Ravan. Arrow hits Sardar and he falls down. He passes away. Yash tells them that he can’t marry Reem as his marriage was fixed when he was a child and he will marry the same girl. He tells Pratha he wants to marry her. Partha slaps him and says she is already married. Partha shows her Naagin avatar, however, Yash shows his nag avatar and leaves her in a shock. He tells her she killed 6 asurs and now she has to marry him to get the names of the remaining asurs.

The Mehendi ritual starts. Rishab tells everyone that he has something to say. He holds Pratha‘s hand and tells everyone they love each other and she’s the one he is destined to marry. Yash says Rishab tricked Partha and that she should marry him instead. Partha tells Rishab that she loves Yash. Rishab gets shocked and says he has made a mistake by marrying Pratha. Mehek tells Pratha that it’s her fate to marry Yash as sheshnaagin has to marry sheshnaag. Pratha cries. 

Mehek tells Samaira that Rehan is a fraud and tries to show her proof but Samaira throws away the phone and tells her she knows Mehek is trying to break their marriage. Rishab breaks Pratha‘s mangalsutra and walks away. Mehek asks Seema to attend Rehan’s wedding while she takes Pratha to the temple. Mehek tells Pratha the Muhurath for her wedding has started and even the rishis have arrived from the sky to bless her. A storm begins. Partha gives hand to the sheshnag.

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