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Naagin 6, 20th March 2022, Written Update: Pratha attacks Maha Saphera

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Naagin 6, 20th March 2022, Written Update: Pratha attacks Maha Saphera

The episode begins with Urvashi informing Seema that her daughter-in-law disappeared. Pratha enters the home conducting ‘Dhoop’ ritual to keep the evil eyes away. In the Himalayas, two men search for someone. Two snakes lead them to a cave. There, Maha Saphera asks them the reason for their visit. The men ask him to catch Shesh Naagin. He says that he can catch Shesh Naagin only if they allow him to take its Naagmani. Both men agree. 

In Chingistan, a laboratory personnel tells Asurs that they can kill the snake with another snake’s poison. The next day, Rishabh runs behind Anya to color her but as he flicks the color, it lands on Pratha’s hair parting like vermillion, or ‘sindoor’. Meanwhile, Maha Saphera enters the event and feels Shesh Naagin’s presence. Pratha too senses Maha Saphera’s presence. Maha Saphera plays music to lure and catch Shesh Naagin. Pratha starts responding to the music. Maha Saphera asks her to come in her real avatar in five minutes or he shall expose her as Shesh Naagin and snatch her Naagmani. Pratha takes the form of Naagin. Maha Saphera takes her.

He opens the box. Pratha and Mehek dance to his tune and fall unconscious. He takes a poisoned knife to snatch her Naagmani. Back there, Rishabh gets tensed. Maha Saphera asks Pratha how she became Shesh Naagin when Mehek was supposed to be the one. Pratha scares him off and bites him. Mehek and Pratha leave for home. Reem asks Rishabh if he still loves her. Pratha comes out wearing a towel. Reem leaves. Rishabh confronts her asking if she is a snake. Pratha tells him she is a Naagin. 

At the dining table, Pratha makes Rishabh uncomfortable with her behavior. She tries to romance him but it scares Rishabh. Before sleeping, Pratha senses someone is calling her. The professor informs Pratha and Mehek that Asurs are on a mission to destroy the nation. Pratha vows to save the nation. The episode ends.

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