My interview with IIT Madras BS Film Society

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My interview with IIT Madras BS Film Society

oh oh… ,You are on an interview spree now , good for you :). there are some problems with video clarity on this one, your camera shaking too much for one. but your thoughts are as always very illuminating.

I’d rather see a flawed work of a directorial brain than a successful storytelling exercise by somebody who’s not a director

Yup, same here. Prefer to watch and rewatch a hundred “One from the Hearts” and “New York New Yorks” or “Mera Naam Jokers” and “Dil Ses” and even Maniyin Selvans 🙂 over the kind of committee produced, hack-directed crap that today’s Hollywood or most of the Indian film industries are churning out. – though I still can’t sit through Kattru Valiyadai, there is always that one exception I guess 🙂

And I believe that with your revulsion for movies that “push the message” and are intend on changing the world, you must be running away from the crapfests that current Hollywood churns out as well, with their emphasis on activism over artistry.


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