My interview on Mindscape Matters

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My interview on Mindscape Matters
My interview on Mindscape Matters


I think there are several factors for that. Partly, I think the mental health problem among Indians has always been worse than people gave it credit for. In my own family, I’ve seen several folks in the older generations who have struggled with anxiety & depression for decades yet are STILL in denial about their issues and refuse to talk about/seek treatment for it. There was/is a huge stigma about being labelled “paithyam” or “crack”.

I also personally feel that social media & smartphones have changed our brain wiring permanently and not necessarily for the better. A lot of Gen Zers & millenials are struggling with poor self-image/esteem (among a myriad of other problems) thanks to the likes of Instagram & Facebook. Taking just a few days away from the internet made me realize how drugged up we all are on our devices.

Long Covid definitely didn’t help matters, as Madan shared. Whatever it is, I think acceptance/admission (on all sides) is the first step. I hope everyone gets the help they need.

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