Movies For Your Monday – Bryn Atkinson, Mitch Ropelato, Kaos Seagrave, & More

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Movies For Your Monday – Bryn Atkinson, Mitch Ropelato, Kaos Seagrave, & More

Bryn Atkinson – Float: Climb with conviction, descend with determination. Bryn Atkinson takes the all new FLOAT for an inaugural ride. Video: Scott Secco.

The Engine Inside – Official Trailer: The Engine Inside—a new feature-length documentary from Anthill Films—uncovers the overlooked potential of the bicycle, our noblest invention, in all its forms. Telling the stories of six people from all corners of the world, the documentary shows us how this amazing, relatively simple, 200-year-old machine can help us build a better future for everyone. Exploring topics across climate change, social justice, mental and physical health, safer cities, indigenous trauma, economic development and women’s equality all over the planet, we discover how the bicycle is the key to unlocking our #EngineInside and creating a better world. However you choose to—road, trail or commute—The Engine Inside shows us how in the face of our seemingly insurmountable global challenges, hope lies in the simple act of riding our bikes.

Henry Sherry & Dean Tennant – Generations: Video: Liam Morgan. Riders: Dean Tennant & Henry Sherry.

Tom Isted’s 120ft Backflip: Tom Isted lands a record-breaking 120ft backflip at Darkfest.

Mitch’N Out – Season 2 Ep. 2: From crashes and trainer bikes to secret Sea Otter bikes, it’s been a busy off-season. Mitch’s training starts in Florida with his Scalpel HT, then heads to the hills of North Carolina for Neko Mullaly’s Ride Rock Creek park on Habit LT. Going behind the scenes, Mitch looks back on his time in New York City getting rowdy shooting the new Habit LT.

Weekend Slayer – Episode 11 – Cumberland: The sleepy town of Cumberland BC has been slowly growing into a slice of mountain bike heaven, and we’re gonna see what all the hype is about! Mark Matthews calls the Comox Valley home, and he’s going to show us the goods that this bountiful part of Vancouver Island has to offer. A seemingly endless amount of trails (if you have the stamina to pedal to them) surround town, and there’s a very rad public dirt jump park that’s maintained year-round. (Thank you for the awesome dirt work Dylan King). We’re staying in town at Travis Lawrenuk’s house and have local shredder Stéphane Pelletier join us for a huge first day of riding the surrounding trails. The next day, we put our trail bikes in the shed and spend a day riding the public dirt jumps in town, and finish our weekend with an out-of-town trip to a dual-slalom trail followed by Mark’s secret jump line. Grab all of your rigs, and join us for an awesome time in Cumberland! Producer/Editor: Eric Lawrenuk. Cinematography: Graeme Meiklejohn.

Kaos Seagrave – Kaos Theory: Kaos Seagrave´s riding style on a bike is unpredictable, you never know what he´s gonna do next. Ever heard of the Chaos Theory? Also known as the science of surprises, predicting the behaviour of the “inherently unpredictable”. This is exactly what sparked the idea to collaborate with Kaos Seagrave on a new mountain bike edit incorporating the Canyon Torque frame design. The so-called Butterfly Effect – now widely referred to as Chaos Theory – supports the idea that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings could set weather systems in motion that eventually lead to a tornado somewhere else in the world. This head-scratcher came from the mind of MIT Professor Edward Lorenz in the 1960’s and since then has led to broader studies into these types of ideas. Taking our limited understanding of the Butterfly Effect notion and running with it – we figured that it’s fair to say that every whip, every shralp of a turn, every steezy move also makes a change. Pushing the limits forwards. Getting riders stoked. This is Kaos Theory. Cue some doodling, some wild holographic decal vinyl, and some experimenting with Lorenz Attractor diagrams (those swirls that show up when you image search Chaos Theory), and the whole project started to take shape. “This has been such an epic opportunity to work on a design project with Canyon. I’ve always loved playing around with my bike designs, kit designs, and merch. So to be able to bring some ideas to the table with Canyon and make a signature design is pretty darn dope.” – Kaos Seagrave

Until The Line: Relive the madness of the Downhill World Championships in Les Gets with Benoit Coulanges. From his arrival on the world circuit to pursuing his dream of reaching the top step of the podium, Ben takes us with him on his journey and gives us a behind the scenes look at this historic event. “As a French rider, the World Championships in Les Gets was the most incredible event I have ever experienced. With Dorian, who followed and filmed me all week, we show how I experienced this race from a psychological point of view. Discover how managing emotions can affect performance and how difficult yet important it is to channel this motivation into bringing the race time down!” – Benoît Coulanges. Rider: Benoit Coulanges. Video: Dorian Jouvenal.

Ethan Craik – Amped: UK winters are brutal, and the window to ride can be short; but a bit of bad weather ain’t stopping Ethan Craik. So, when the window opens, Ethan goes straight for the Force Amp+ to squeeze in as many laps as possible. It’s all about cutting the climb time to extend the descents. “So many people hate on ebikes but with more laps and more riding, how can you not love it, after all riding is what we all love and this just allows more of that. Enjoy me shredding mine as hard as I can!” – Ethan Craik. Video: Lucas Craik.

Portugal – An MTB Dream Location: Feel Viana! Wake up with the sea breeze and the light coming through the pine tree forest. A power breakfast will make you dive into the day. And then: time to ride! Enjoy the trails, the wild landscape and the view from the summit over the wide Atlantic ocean. What a dream.

Us/Them – Salad Days – Full Film: Today is a good day – Ryan Howard gave us the go ahead to upload the full Us/Them Salad Days DVD for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve not seen this yet then put your feet up and soak it in. With sections from Ryan Howard, Felix Maisonet, Jake Coulson, Devon Denham, Greg Moliterno, Travis Collins, Jason Govan, Jasper Hardy, Bo Bowen, and Zack Gerber, this is essential viewing.

Lewis Mills – Lew Is Fiending – Raw: A glimpse into the process of making 2022’s NORA Cup Video Part Of The Year “Lew Is Fiending” with Lewis Mills in California & Australia.

Felix Prangenberg & Murray Loubser – Vans Unfiltered – Cape Town: The incredible VANS Unfiltered series returns for its final instalment, this time in the “Mother City” – Cape Town. Felix Prangenberg joins South African and fellow Vans teammate, Murray Loubser and they go to work on the finest Cape Town spots as only they know how – needless to say, the clips they came away with are next level. Sit back and soak it all in.

Judi Oyama – 63 Year Old Skater: Meet Judi Oyama, a 63-year-old skateboarder who has been ripping the streets and skateparks for decades. As a pioneer of the sport, Judi was there for the inception of Independent Trucks and helped recruit many notable names to the Santa Cruz Skateboards team. But Judi’s love for skateboarding doesn’t stop there. To this day, she still competes in slalom competitions, and is even a member of the US Slalom Skateboarding team. In addition, Judi holds onto a treasure trove of skateboarding memorabilia, including rare boards, vintage magazines, and more. Join us as we dive into the inspiring story of this skateboarding legend and learn how she continues to push the limits and break barriers in the world of skateboarding, while preserving its rich history for future generations to enjoy.

Austyn Gillette – Out There: From child prodigy to one of the street’s elite, Austyn’s had a stellar career. However, his journey extends beyond the board, as he runs his own company, records music and works to maintain Dylan’s memory.

David Gonzalez – Cold Call: Our 2012 SOTY returns to Colombia, falling back in love with the streets and culture. Ride along with one of the greats as he hits his old haunts.

Real SkiFi – The Roof: Practice will get you far – but a phone call can get you anywhere. “The Roof” aims to be a transparent glimpse of us working together to get the shot on one of the most epic spots we’ve ever embarked on.

Ensō: At some point there seems to be a defining moment in life where you learn to let go. Sometimes, not by choice. And often times it comes to us as the illusion of defeat, while in reality, it was the very thing we needed to guide us to where we had to go. About a year ago, Aaron and I came across the Buddhist word, Ensō. This single word, described everything that we had been talking about for the last year or so. By definition, it represents and suggests cutting the desire for perfection and allowing the universe to be just as it is. Understanding that perfection doesn’t exist allows you to move through life gracefully free of any pressure. It opens the door to allow situations to unfold naturally, and to invite intuition and creativity to move through. For Aaron, riding is a great place to practice this concept. It’s a place that he can go where the universe can reveal these sort of secrets. In this film, we ride along with Aaron as he takes a journey into the idea letting go and simply just being.

A Line Alone: Climber Ashima Shiraishi, artist Ivan Le Pays, and the vast expanse that is the California desert. An experimental film that questions the relationship in form between body and landscape. Writing and Artistic Direction: Ivan Le Pays. Director: Theo Sanchez.

ŁU GHĄ – A Place For Fishing: A local Knowledge Keeper shares how their dän (people) and his community shakāt (harvest) and live off the land, in coexistence with the shär sho, the grizzly bear.

Photo: Syo Van Vliet

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