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Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac reveals he hired THIS person to be his ‘other me’ during prep for the MCU show

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Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac reveals he hired THIS person to be his ‘other me’ during prep for the MCU show

Marvel’s upcoming show Moon Knight has generated immense hype ever since its trailer was released. The show introduces us to a new Marvel character with Oscar Isaac in lead. He’s a superhero like no other and the show has particularly been receiving praises for its dark plot and un-Marvel like storyline. Moon Knight premieres on March 30. 

In Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac switches between two personalities of Steven Grant and Marc Spector, with the latter being a vigilante who gets his powers from Khonshu, the nocturnal God of the Moon. In the series’ promos and trailers, we have seen the actor make a smooth transition as he switches between the American and British accents of Marc and Steven and also impressively captures their starkly different body language. At the global press conference of Moon Knight which Pinkvilla was a part of, Oscar Isaac opened up about prepping for the scenes where he has to conversate with himself as both Marc and Steven. 

The actor revealed how technically demanding it was and mentioned that he had one person to help him through it. He said, “Well, the first step was to hire my brother, Michael Hernandez, to come in and be the other me. That’s the closest thing to me there is on Earth. So he came in and he would play either Steven or Marc, even do the accent and everything, both accents. So that was really helpful to have someone that’s not only a great actor but also shares my DNA to play off of. But that was something that I didn’t anticipate was how technically demanding that was going to be of having to show up and decide which character I was going to play first. And then try to block that out, give my brother notes, and then do the scene, and then switch characters, and then figure it out. ” 

Isaac also mentioned how working on the project became challenging as well as fun as he explained how the process for his Moon Knight role was completely different since he had no other co-actor to play off of in most scenes. Speaking about the same, he said, “Because one of the fun — I think maybe if not the most fun thing about acting is acting opposite somebody and letting something spontaneous happen that you didn’t expect. But here wasn’t really an opportunity to do that and still having to try to find what makes it feel spontaneous and not all planned out. So that was challenging.”

Moon Knight will be Marvel’s first show to release in 2022 after it ended last year on a splendid note with Hawkeye which released in November. Apart from Oscar Isaac, the upcoming show also stars Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy in key roles. The six-episode series is all set to release on March 30. 

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