Molly Berman is on the rise | Interview

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Molly Berman is on the rise | Interview

Her latest album “Potential” takes things in a different direction. “It’s a little heavier, a little headbanger even,” describes Berman. “I showed it to my dad and he said, ‘You’ve been going around all these years saying you don’t like guitar distortion, and you’re coming back with this?’ rough guitars, Berman felt that approaching the song in a new way allowed her to “unlock” new emotions and loosen all the shackles of expectation to stick to just one sound. “My music falls into the alternative/indie/pop realm, but I hate how broad it can be,” she says. “Nobody listens to just one kind of music; everyone likes something from everywhere. I’m not going to make music in just one style – otherwise it would be boring.”

Juggling multiple jobs is the harsh reality for many creatives who want to sustain their artistic pursuits. Molly Berman is no exception to this. However, her ability to dream of great things to come and the eventual reality that they will happen are now closer to being aligned than ever. “Firstly, being able to quit my part-time job would be amazing,” she smiles. “To be able to perform in front of some of the biggest crowds ever, that would be crazy. But I’m really excited to hear all the songs I haven’t done yet. It’s literally all I’ve ever wanted to do, and I’m excited to live that dream.”

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