Mia Khalifa gives away intimate photos for OnlyFans subscribers

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Mia Khalifa gives away intimate photos for OnlyFans subscribers

In search of more subscribers to her official OnlyFanspage, former adult film actress Mia Khalifa decided to post hot photos to convince her followers around the world.

Through posts on her account on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, the influencer did not disappoint by encouraging people to join via paid subscription.

The first two snapshots of the content creator are photos of her on the beach on a sunny day wearing a stunning pink dress that highlights her figure.

The other two images raised the temperature considerably, as in the third she is sitting on a bed on the beach without a bikini top and with her left arm positioned so that she doesn’t show more than she wants.

Finally, the last photograph is similar to the first, except that she has one breast completely uncovered while she closes her eyes and places her hands on her legs.

Mia Khalifa’s fans are in awe of her beauty

In the responses to Mia Khalifa’s post, one can find comments such as: “Beautiful without words Mia Khalifa my platonic love”, “Beautiful, wonderful and charming”, “I send you much love from Mexico you are beautiful”, “You are a goddess Mia”, “Absolutely beautiful” and “Once magnificent, unique, the most beautiful girl in the world”, among many others.

How much does Mia Khalifa’s OnlyFans cost?

For those interested in subscribing to the 30-year-old former porn actress’s OnlyFans, the monthly subscription costs 12 dollars, but until August 8 there is a 40 percent discount, so you can pay just 7.20 dollars

As far as subscription packages are concerned, the 3-month package costs 32.40 dollars, the 6-month package costs 61.20 dollars and the 12-month or one-year package costs 115.20 dollars.

It should be remembered that since her retirement as a porn actress, Mia Khalifa has also become an internet celebrity.

On platforms such as TikTok she has 37.8 million followers, while on Instagram she has 27.6 million followers and on Twitter (now known as X) she has 5.5 million, confirming her status as a star for several years.

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