Mckenna Grace’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

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Mckenna Grace’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes
Mckenna Grace’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

Although she still has so much of her acting career ahead of her, at just 17 years old, Mckenna Grace has already starred in many incredible roles cementing her place in the future of the industry. Whether it’s a TV show, a smaller indie film or a Hollywood blockbuster, Grace will always provide a standout performance pushing her films to new heights.



Here are her 10 best movies, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes, if you want to see her best work.

10 Scoob! – 48%

Warner Bros. Pictures

Alongside her live-action roles, Grace has also taken on animated films in the form of voice acting. One of her more recent ventures into the animated genre came in Scoob!, where she voiced Young Daphne, perfectly fitting as it’s her favorite character from the franchise. Although she doesn’t play the role for the entire film, she embodied the role perfectly setting up the character for the rest of the film.

Scoob! is a reboot of the famous theatrical Scooby-Doo film series, with the film following Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. The film follows the iconic group as they face their toughest challenge yet: a harrowing plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. Full of ups, downs, twists, and turns, this film is the perfect choice for any Scooby fans and animated fans alike.

9 Spirit Untamed – 48%

Spirit Untamed characters
Universal Pictures

In the most recent animated entry on this list, Spirit Untamed also features one of the most exciting, heartwarming adventures. A spin-off to the 2002 film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the film follows Fortuna “Lucky” Prescott (Isabela Merced) after she moves to a small, sleepy town befriending a wild Mustang named Spirit. The two quickly realize their shared rebellious nature, embarking on an adventure of a lifetime together.

Grace voices Abigail Stone, one of Lucky’s friends in the film. A silly, funny, and equally likable character, she adds just the right amount of charm to an already endearing story. None of this would be possible however without Grace’s standout voice acting, making her character easily one of the most memorable.

8 Ghostbusters: Afterlife – 64%

Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Sony Pictures Releasing

As soon as the news broke of the Ghostbusters franchise coming back to the big screen, the hype was there from the get-go. After it was announced that the film would feature a new team facing new threats, fans hoped that Ghostbusters: Afterlife would capture the magic of the original two movies. Thanks to standout performances all around, the film was welcomed with open arms by the majority of the fandom.

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The sci-fi fantasy epic follows a single mom Callie (Carrie Coon) and her two children as they move to a small town in Oklahoma, to take over their late grandfather’s crumbling farm, to say the least. After settling in, the family starts to experience paranormal events that link them to the original Ghostbusters team. While being its own, fresh entry into the franchise, the film does a perfect job of paying homage to the original films that so many people adore.

7 Annabelle Comes Home – 64%

McKenna Grace in Annabelle Comes Home
Warner Bros. Pictures

With the third entry of the Annabelle series, Annabelle Comes Home delivers an equally intense journey as the first two films. Another entry to James Wan’s iconic horror filmography, Mckenna Grace along with the rest of the cast including the returning Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga all contribute to the true night of horror the characters have to go through.

Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, Ed (Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Farmiga) attempt to lock the doll in the artifacts room in their house. Not knowing this would be the worst place to leave the doll, Annabelle awakens the room’s evil spirits, leading to a night of unforgettable terror for everyone in the house. Although the film shares many similarities with its two predecessors, the third entry only builds on the synonymous elements that make Wan’s so frightening.

6 Crater – 66%

Mckenna Grace in Crater

Once again dipping into the sci-fi genre, Crater delivers an equally exciting story with characters that are super easy to route for. Caleb Channing (Isaiah Russell-Bailey) gets the news that he’s being relocated to a faraway planet called ‘the promised land’ after his father’s death. In a bid to have a memorable sendoff, he along with his three best friends hijack a rover to explore a mysterious crater.

Perhaps one of the most exciting films Grace has starred in, she plays one of Caleb’s friends, Addison Weaver, the daughter of a highly respected scientist from Earth. Throughout the film, she constantly proves how valuable she is to the team, making her one of the most exciting characters to follow. But it’s not just Addison that adds to the thrilling plot, each cast member delivers to create the tense, inspiring film that this is.

5 Troop Zero – 68%

Mckenna Grace Troop Zero
Amazon Studios

Troop Zero is one of Grace’s films where she shines the brightest. A family movie where she stars alongside Viola Davis as Rayleen and Allison Janey as Miss Massey, Troop Zero is one of the films that proves Grace can most definitely lead a film even when joined with such highly acclaimed stars.

The film follows a misfit girl Christmas Flint (Grace) who dreams of visiting outer space as she enters a national competition with a troupe of Birdie Scouts to achieve her out-of-this-world dreams. Its funny, touching, inspiring story is the perfect family film, building on what makes these films so enjoyable.

4 Gifted – 73%

Gifted Review: Chris Evans Trades His Shield for Syrupy Melodrama
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Without a doubt one of Grace’s most moving films, Gifted is another role in that guaranteed her place in the industry’s future. It’s also one of her most recognizable roles with the film gaining more and more attention over the years, assisted by second lead actor Chris Evans’ equally special performance displaying what was at the time his underrated range.

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Frank Adler (Evans) is a single man living in a coastal town in Florida raising his niece, a spirited child prodigy. After Mary’s (Grace) mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank’s mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), her plans threaten to separate Frank and Mary for good. The relationship that the uncle and niece form throughout the film is truly special in many ways, with the conflict alone being enough to hook you until the end.

3 Captain Marvel – 79%

Captain Marvel Mckenna Grace
Marvel Studios

In one of Grace’s smaller roles that is perhaps her most seen came in Captain Marvel, playing a young Carol Danvers briefly detailing her upbringing. The MCU was at its height when Captain Marvel was released, with it being between Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Although audiences didn’t get to see too much of Grace as Carol Danvers, she added so much more depth and dimension to the character, leading to us wanting to route for the character even more.

2 I, Tonya – 90%

Young Tonya Harding (McKenna Grace) being pressured to continue skating by her mother

In another role playing the younger version of the main character, I, Tonya sees Grace take on the role of young Tonya Harding, played by Margot Robbie for the majority of the film. While Captain Marvel may have been a bigger film, I, Tonya had a different type of buzz, that being Oscar Buzz.

With the film being nominated for multiple Academy Awards, Grace’s performance fits right in with the many remarkable performances that led to the film being one of the most underrated biopics of its decade.

1 Frankenstein – 100%

Mckenna Grace in Frankenstein (2015)

The film with a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score that Grace stars in comes in yet another adaptation of one of the most well-known novels of all time, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The novel has been given so many fresh spins in the past, as well as being the inspiration for so many more pieces in the horror genre. This 2015 theatrical adaptation is no different, providing a modern-day take on the story.

Grace portrays the character of Molly, a young girl whom Adam (Xavier Samuel), who’s the monster character in this film, meets after escaping Frankenstein’s lab after his botched experiment. Grace again only has a small part in the movie, but it can’t be denied that she added so much to the scene that is so important for the development of the lead character.

Whether Mckenna Grace stars in minor roles such as Frankenstein or more prominent lead roles like Ghostbusters: Afterlife or Troop Zero, whichever role she plays will most definitely be one of the standouts. With her talent proven, where she takes her career moving forward is such an exciting prospect for both audiences and the industry as a whole.

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