Film exhibitor Manoj Desai On “Failure Of Bollywood Films.”

by Author TOB

There have been some dismissive performances in the Hindi film industry in 2022. In contrast, South Indian Films made better impressions. Film exhibitor Manoj Desai joined the conversation surrounding Bollywood films’ performance and said it needs to relearn the process.

“If we want to run Bollywood like how it was before, like when the late Manmohan Desai or the late Yash Chopra used to run things, then we have to feature such successful films as they made,” said Manoj Desai in an interview. For a successful film, the content, script, dialogues, music, editing, everything has to come together according to him.

Cinegoers are also very interested in advance bookings for Pathaan, according to Desai. Aside from that, he pointed out that there is a lot of sincerity in the South film industry. No matter what happens, a detailed schedule is drawn up and executed. Desai believes that the old way of making movies in the time of the Late Yash Chopra and Late Manmohan Desai used to bring successful hits. Thus, filmmakers, today need to pay attention to every part of filmmaking from many angles, whether it’s script, content, music, songs, dialogues, directing, etc. Let’s see how it leads to changes in the current scenario of the Hindi Film Industry.


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