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London Fashion Week: Sagaboi Launches ‘Ramajay’: A Vibrant Fusion of Caribbean Style and Culture

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London Fashion Week: Sagaboi Launches ‘Ramajay’: A Vibrant Fusion of Caribbean Style and Culture

Words: Miles Holder

Sagaboi, the fashion brand founded by Geoff K. Cooper, has recently launched its first clothing collection, “Ramajay.” This collection draws inspiration from Cooper’s diverse Trinidadian heritage and the broader West Indian culture and history. A unique fusion of military silhouettes and flamboyant tailoring, with streetwear elements and knitwear inspired by materials found in local fishing villages – the collection is certainly a breath of fresh air.

The heart of the collection lies in the free-spirited exploration of personality, showcased through a multicultural lens and played out at the intersection of streetwear, leisurewear, and expressive tailoring. The collection’s distinctive Caribbean color palette, referencing the flora and fauna of Cooper’s native Trinidad, adds to its vibrant and energetic feel.

“Ramajay” is also a tribute to the style of the Windrush generation. The collection features handmade knitwear by female crocheters and knitters in the Caribbean, classic tailored suits, and jazzed-up denim twinsets, all exuding a playful carnival energy throughout. Lorna Holder’s book ‘Style In My DNA‘ took a comprehensive look at how Windrush style has influenced British fashion culture and with this Sagaboi collection, it’s clear the Caribbean fashion continues to inspire even today.

Sagaboi draws inspiration from the Caribbean subculture “saga boy.” The brand is linked to the West Indian word meaning “a playboy” or someone who dresses in an extremely fashionable and stylish manner, a form of masculine rebellion through fashion that surfaced in the 1930s.

Geoff K. Cooper, the founder and creative director of Sagaboi has worked tirelessly to bring his creative vision to the masses and with this collection, he takes yet another great leap forward. As an expression of his Trinidadian heritage, the collection is a great success and elevates the often overlooked aesthetic to the truly unmissable. As yours truly once wrote in another publication – “To bear witness to the fundamental ways Caribbean fashion and culture shaped Britain is to ensure that the significant contribution made throughout the decades will never be forgotten.” – and with the work of designers like Geoff K. Cooper, we can rest easy knowing that the future of Caribbean fashion remains at a state of prominence.

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