Lights, Camera, Analysis: Ravi Varman (Ponniyin Selvan 1 & 2)

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Lights, Camera, Analysis: Ravi Varman (Ponniyin Selvan 1 & 2)

am really not sure, if you are going to look at this reply BR… but here are my thoughts on the cinematography of PS1&2.
The cinematography, color palette, grading were extra-ordinary but I felt the cinematography was not organic..

1. Entire 15mins of the interval sequence of PS2 – the cinematography + shot division + remixed bgm of devaralan aatam (well that man deserves a big applause) + the actors performance… (but a small downside was VT jumping all over could have been avoided, but was literally littt)

The best shot in PS1 was, VTs reaction when Nandhini was trying to get his desire of owning vanar clan’s own land & kingdom (it was like for a minute VT will think what if Vanar clan gets their own kingdom, but he will decide to be truthful to Chozhas)
PS1 Climax shot division and I particularly liked how the news of ArunMozhi’s death travel across Thanjai and Kanji,
Conversation between Nandhini-Adithan in the climax
PS1 – Fire alongside when Nandhini was standing with the vengance to kill and dethrone chozha’s


Felt he deliberately kept sun striking the faces of the main characters in many places… for eg., in PS1 when VT talks with Nandhini (nandhini ya beautiful la kamikuren nu sun light Aish mela mattum padra maari irukum),
In Budhha Viharam same applies to ArunMozhi, also to the scenes ArunMozhi walking among the crowd, he was given a specific highlighting treatment through sunrays. It was never needed to spotlight him up with the sunrays (that more felt like artificial lights to me is another topic to discuss for another day though)
ArunMozhi in yanai paagan’s disguise, more than that when that cloth he had in his head fells down there was not a big surprise + happy + reclaiming moment from neither prabhu or from the soliders
Crowning scene in PS2 crowd who will standing giving kumbidu was literally joke, neither they emoted well. They will be reaction very lazy to cheer/clap and did not even like they are reacting to the soul moment of the scene. In Bahubali that was surely a lit scene.
Karthi under the skin of tiger escaping out of secret room in Kadambur maligai of PS2 was another joke. Even a small kid would’ve thought a good idea for it.
Oomai Rani jumping all over the palace at ease at that very old age… ithelam enna ya shotu…
ithu poga war scenes were shot in a very lame/not so interesting manner and I felt it was done so not to particularly resemble SSR’s picturization

indha 1hr interview with Ravi Varman la ithelam ketkuradhila ya Baradwaj Rangan avargaleeeyyy…

I know you are a hardcore fan of MR… so do I… And with your experience and exposure to cinema you would have easily noticed more and more things in the movie than me…

Atleast do answer in #ASKBR if possible…

but that does not mean we should be ask/discuss such criticizing shots with them in such interviews…

look forward to hear from you


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