King Charles’ $9.5 Billion Real-Estate Portfolio: Photos

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King Charles’ $9.5 Billion Real-Estate Portfolio: Photos


Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, King Charles ascended to the throne in the UK.

King Charles pictured at Lancaster House in July 2021.

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King Charles, who ascended the throne at age 73, is the oldest person in British history to be crowned king. His late mother, Queen Elizabeth, reigned for 70 years.

Following his coronation, King Charles now oversees some $42 billion worth of trust-held assets, according to a September report by Forbes. And that’s in addition to $500 million portfolio of personal assets, which includes regal estates, jewels, and art that he inherited from the late Queen, per the report.

According to Forbes, the Crown Estate is the single most valuable asset held by King Charles. The Crown Estate, a real estate portfolio that includes Ascot Racecourse and the entire seabed of the UK, is worth $17.5 billion. 

The exact distribution of Queen Elizabeth’s personal assets will not be revealed for almost a century, as it is expected for her will to be sealed for at least 90 years, Forbes reported. But King Charles has already inherited much of the late Queen’s private estates, including Balmoral Castle and Sandringham.

King Charles has inherited several private palaces and owns at least nine properties “in the right of the crown.” These sovereign and personal properties are worth almost $10 billion, Forbes estimated, citing real estate experts.

Keep reading for a look at each of these properties, arranged from lowest to highest estimated value. All estimated values of these properties and their ownership is sourced from the Forbes report.


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