Kate Middleton Fashion Risks That Paid Off

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Kate Middleton Fashion Risks That Paid Off

Since making her way into the limelight, Princess Catherine has proven that she can rock an extremely varied color palette. And while Marie Claire has found that the princess rarely wears orange, she’s certainly no stranger to wearing red. She did just that in June 2012 when she attended Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in a bright red Alexander McQueen dress with a matching hat. When choosing her outfit, Catherine probably didn’t realize that it was a risk — but an article later published by The Daily Mail suggested that it was a risqué move.

The event, which saw the royal family float down the River Thames on the royal barge, was an impressive affair to celebrate the queen. Because of this, the writer of this article suggested, “If ever there was an occasion when Kate should have opted for a more subdued look, then this was surely it.” They continued, “Yes, she looked stunning. But when in the queen’s company, less is definitely more.” And as the queen and Camilla, the queen consort, opted to wear white and cream outfits respectively, Catherine stood out even more.

However, critics were quick to shut down the article. Fans of Catherine typed out their support for her outfit, and one wrote, “Kate’s red really worked well with the queen’s stark white. It seemed to me that Camilla was the oddball and could have tried blue.”

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