K Camp talks about personal and professional growth with Miabelle

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K Camp talks about personal and professional growth with Miabelle


Rapper K Camp recently did an interview with HOT 97’s Miabelle where he discussed his latest album with Interscope, relationships and personal growth.

The Atlanta-born rapper quickly rose to fame in 2020 thanks to the music-based social media platform TikTok. Because of this, K Camp’s song “Lottery (Renegade)” was loved all over the world. Now in the year 2022, K Camp has just released their latest album ‘Vibe Forever’. This recent project is his final album with the record label Interscope.

Camp unfortunately experienced troubled relations with the record company in 2020 after his song went viral. In a series of Twitter posts, the rapper criticized Interscope for its lack of support. This comes just a month after Tory Lanez had his own problems with the label, where he threatened to expose Interscope.

During the interview with Miabelle, K Camp expresses her gratitude to be a part of the record label. He shared with viewers: “I’ve had a good run with them [Interscope], but it’s time to do what I want”. Camp continues, “I’m not going to sit here and beat them up like we haven’t put out great records.” Although K Camp will no longer be making hits with Interscope, the rapper now has the creative freedom to release new hits as an independent artist.

K Camp is now happily moving forward with his newfound freedom and revealed this new stage of life to Miabelle. His latest project reflects his journey to self-discovery and the transitional phase of putting himself first. During the interview, he revealed that there have been a lot of struggles and toxic relationships going on in his life: “It all comes out when… it gets dark.”

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