Just what the doctor ordered; 5-star DE’s; LeBron and celebrities; weekend to remember

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Just what the doctor ordered; 5-star DE’s; LeBron and celebrities; weekend to remember


Good evening Bucknuts members and visitors! There is plenty going on with Ohio State football recruiting so let’s get started! I will of course have plenty more throughout the night and tomorrow.

1) Where else would we start besides the huge recruiting night in Ohio Stadium and the Buckeyes 21-10 win over Notre Dame. I know many Ohio State fans thought the Buckeyes would win by more. Personally I wasn’t surprised by the margin. On our Thursday podcast I said I thought the 17 point spread was too high and thought the Buckeyes would win, but it would be a little closer margin than 17. What I was surprised with was how the game was a relatively low scoring game overall.

But I actually thought there was good in that. It would have been better if the Buckeyes were clicking on all cylinders on offense and had won say 42-10. But had the Buckeyes won by say a 48-38 margin, people would be saying nothing has changed and the Ohio State defense isn’t good enough to win a national championship. But after last night there can be little doubt about the Ohio State defense being much improved. And does anyone think the Ohio State offense won’t be good and won’t put a lot of points on the board this season? Probably not many.

The Buckeyes are going to continue to recruit and land high level offensive players. The question has been more on defensive recruiting and it has been understandable that some great defensive recruits have wanted to see what kind of defense the Buckeyes will have and how good they will be. One game is not enough to say 100% how things will be. But Saturday night was absolutely what great defensive recruits wanted to see and many of them told me how impressed they were and how they loved the aggressive, attacking Jim Knowles Ohio State defense. No doubt the Buckeyes’ performance on Saturday night was a very positive thing for Buckeye defensive recruiting!

And that brings me to item No. 2 and more recruits were impressed with….

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— A weekend to look back on and remember

— 5-star DE’s

— LeBron and the celebrities


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