Jason Whitlock Interviews Larry Elder: ‘I’m a MAGA Man’

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Jason Whitlock Interviews Larry Elder: ‘I’m a MAGA Man’
Jason Whitlock Interviews Larry Elder: ‘I’m a MAGA Man’

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Itoday’s episode of House Sambo squareGOP hopeful Larry Elder and Sunken Place HOA presidential candidate Jason Whitlock sat down together so Elder could keep whining about being left out of the first Republican primary debate and Whitlock could keep telling people that “ not a republican’ and ‘not a conservative’his beliefs simply align perfectly with almost every single position commonly held by Republican conservatives.

“The Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, needs to be torn down and redone,” Whitlock said, before going on to brag about being the most Republican-like non-Republican conservative in pretentious conflicting history before explaining that he is a “MAGA man”, which he proudly says “without any hesitation or shame”— because for some reason Whitlock misthinks literally everyone is surprised he’s a “hard core MAGA” Trump supporter.

“I’m a MAGA because even people who don’t understand that Donald Trump speaks for them, I understand that he speaks for the working class,” Whitlock continued. “So I think the Republican Party needs to fall just like the Democratic Party needs to fall.”

Well, aside from the fact that Whitlock is adamant that a person who has never been part of the working class “speaks for the working class”, imagine being a person who constantly implies that other people are sheep , while sounding like a cult leader’s loyal sidekick and PR spokesperson.

Anyway, at some point Whitlock must have realized that he was there to interview a different Republican presidential candidate, not recite his personal love letter to Trump, so he quickly moved on to something that actually was appropriate for Elder.

“And I’m looking at how they’re treating you and you’re not on the debate stage tonight and it’s just being confirmed in my mind— they too must fall.

“I think you’re right, and I think that’s why they don’t like Donald Trump,” Elder said, apparently too forgetting that he should be campaigning for himself, not the literal front-runner in the GOP primary. (Seriously, what kind of MAGA house rob Stockholm Syndrome is this crap?) “And I think that’s what led to the fix for Ron DeSantis. I think that’s why they’re excluding Larry Elder from this debate right now. (Yes, Larry Elder apparently decided he wasn’t obnoxious enough anymore and thought that a non-ironic reference to himself in the third person was what people needed.)

“As you know, I met all the criteria, but they claimed that one of the surveys I submitted was invalid because, and I quote, ‘It’s associated with Donald Trump,'” he continued. “So therefore they’re saying I didn’t present the three polls where Elder has 1 percent or more among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters. I believe they want the field cleared for Ron DeSantis, and I believe they think Larry Elder is saying very inflammatory things about the lie about systemic racism, about the need to do something about school choice, about the epidemic of fatherlessness, the need to change the the constitution because both parties keep spending and spending…”

So, let me see if I have that right,” says Larry Elder “Larry Elder” has been silenced by Republicans because “Larry Elder” blindly denies the existence of systemic racism, promotes school choice, blows whistles against black dogs and believes that government spending must be managed. Yes, and I’m also sure the dogs are afraid of being sanctioned by the Free Dogs Coalition for barking and sniffing farts. (I say Larry Elder absurdly claims that Republicans are keeping him quiet because popular Republican positionsin case any of you are as dense as Larry Elder.)

It’s as if Elder and Whitlock are locked in a battle with Black Conservative Delusion Versus. It would be funny if these two weren’t so annoying as cartoons.


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