I’m a fashion pro & you’ve been wearing the wrong underwear for your body shape

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I’m a fashion pro & you’ve been wearing the wrong underwear for your body shape

YOU might not think twice about the underwear you throw on every day, but according to one fashion pro you definitely should.

According to fashion pro Chi Li you’ve probably been wearing the totally wrong style for your body shape and it’s not a good look.

Chi revealed the underwear you should be wearing depending on your body shapeCredit: Youtube/Petite Dressing
Bikini briefs might not be the best choice for your body shapeCredit: Getty

So if you even feel like your underwear don’t fit you quite right despite being the correct size, it could just be down to wearing the wrong style.

Chi explained what you should really be wearing and why they work better than the alternatives.

Apple shape

People who are an apple shape have a bit of a tummy, even if the rest of their figure is on the slimmer side.

Bikini briefs are a big no-no because they highlight your stomach from under your clothes, which can result in a muffin top, Chi explained.

Instead, you should go for something with a bit more coverage over the stomach to help smooth everything out and appear more seamless.


“Your major issue is that your underwear always seems to be creeping up on the back, in other words, you get a wedgie,” Chi said.

It might be tempting to buy underwear in a bigger size but this won’t necessarily solve the problem.

Something with “more coverage” like briefs or hipsters are the best choice.

That doesn’t mean you have to go for massive granny pants though – Chi recommended a high-leg design with full coverage on the back and front for the best of both worlds.

Pear shape

People with this body shape are larger on the lower half of their body than the top, so they might find underwear styles like boy shorts uncomfrotable.

Knickers with a high leg are also a great choice because they won’t squish your thighs and they flatter your natural shape.

You can also get away with wearing thongs as long as they also have a higher leg than classic breifs.

Rectangle and inverted triangle shape

Chi explained: “The rectangle shape doesn’t have much waist definition, your hips go straight up and down from your waist and the inverted triangle has narrow hips compared to your shoulders.”

Unlike other shapes, you can get away with less coverage, making bikini and cheeky styles the perfect choice.

Styles with too much fabric might make panty lines more obvious because of the extra fabric, according to the fashionista.

High waisted underwear work best for apple shapesCredit: Youtube/Petite Dressing
A high leg is a must for people who are pear-shapedCredit: Youtube/Petite Dressing

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