I will knock on the doors of the court if the personal interviews are not stopped: KHNAM

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I will knock on the doors of the court if the personal interviews are not stopped: KHNAM

Khun Hynñiewtrep’s National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) said it would be preparing to knock on court doors if the government remains adamant about complying with personal interviews for government jobs.

KHNAM has been demanding an end to personal interviews for the posts of Group B, C and D employees in Meghalaya.

“This is a matter of public importance, but the government has never responded to our demands since last year,” said KHNAM leader Thomas Passach.

To push the demand, leaflets were distributed across the city and Passah said they would soon organize a public rally. “The last resort would be to file a PIL in the Supreme Court and that will be done if the government fails to discuss the matter in the next cabinet meeting,” he added.

According to Passach, most states in the country have ended in-person interviews in recruitment. Saying that running behind a politician has become more compelling than pursuing training to get a government job at the moment, he said: “The government is silent on this demand because these same politicians are recruiting their own people for government jobs through the back door , bribery and other dishonest ways.”

He said that such a trend would not be tolerated and expressed hope that the public would support this request, which would benefit young people and not affect administrative efficiency.

“I want to tell all the regional parties in the government who called loudly during the elections for the improvement of ‘Jaitbynriew’ that it is pointless to voice their concerns only during elections,” he said.

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