I think you should read this interview with Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin

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I think you should read this interview with Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin
I think you should read this interview with Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin


As we all know, threes are the best, so just imagine the excitement Tim Robinson is now a three-time Emmy nominee.

“It was great,” says the namesake of I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson.

The smile on Robinson’s face and friendly demeanor are proof that he does find the recognition cool, even if those three words are all he needed to sum up his reaction to the Emmys this morning. Speaking on Zoom a few weeks later, Robinson sat side by side with his close friend and creator Zach Kanin, and their similar quiet manners and cheerful energy show why they work together so well.

Robinson, known for wearing a hot dog suit, eating gift receipts and constantly yelling during skits, seems to be the opposite of most of his characters, preferring to let I think you should leave talk. Perhaps unsurprisingly for someone who feels they are “struggling” as hard as Saturday Night Live cast member that he was relieved to transition strictly to a writing role.

Then he began to collaborate closely with Kanin and after the joint creation of Robinson and Sam Richardsonan underrated and short-lived scripted comedy Detroiters, they started the show that would spawn a million memes. Following the steps as Mr. Shaw and The Chappelle Show, I think you should leave has already cemented its place in sketch history, and now has the chance to do what none of those legendary forebears could: win an Emmy.

Vanity Fair: Since you are in your office right now, are you in full production mode? Where are you in the stages of work on season three?

Zach Kanin: We’re just texting each other right now.

How long does it usually take?

Rice: Six to nine months.

Tim Robinson: We have to write a lot of them.

Rice: Then we prepare for about a month and shoot for about a month and then edit for three or four months.

Okay, well, as people currently doing a third season and with Tim already a three-time Emmy nominee, this feels like the perfect time to ask: Why are triples the best?

Robinson: [Laughs.] This is the safest.

Going back a few weeks, what were your Emmy mornings like? I’ve spoken to other nominees and many of them watched live, but am I correct in assuming that wasn’t the case for you?

Robinson: I found out because Robbie from Netflix texted me about it. It was cool.

Tonight: Yes, Tim sent me a message. And I’m like, “Oh, congratulations, that’s exciting.”

It’s been more than three years since the show debuted, and somehow it seems like it’s getting more popular every day. There are all the memes, there are parody accounts. As if there is NBA parody account it’s one of my favorite things on the internet. So how does it feel to watch the show become this internet obsession?

Robinson: Yeah, I don’t know. This is cool. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s definitely cool.

Tonight: When you make something and release it, it’s very exciting when people are so into it and understand it and like it. This is the goal. It feels very good.

Do you see the memes? Or is there too much at this stage to try to keep up with?


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