How to watch the Pitch Perfect movies and new show in order

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How to watch the Pitch Perfect movies and new show in order


(Pocket-lint) – The first Pitch Perfect film debuted in 2012 and has spawned two sequels as well as an upcoming spin-off series set to debut on Peacock. 

The Pitch Perfect film series follows an all-girl acapella group at Barden University called the Barden Bellas. They go from competing in collegiate competitions to competing in national competitions and for spots on world tours. The original film was a surprise hit at the box office, grossing over $100 million worldwide, while the series itself has made $565 million in total. Pitch Perfect 2 took the largest haul, grossing $287 million – the most for a musical comedy. 

Of course, that success means there’ll be more Pitch Perfect in the near future.


Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin is set to debut on 23 November on the video streaming service Peacock. The six-episode series will center around Adam Devine’s character, Bumper, from the films. With Bumper in Berin on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start a series rewatch. The story in the Pitch Perfect movies and the upcoming show is told chronologically, so you should watch them by release date to follow the story from beginning to end. 

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect (2012 – Film)

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Pitch Perfect was directed by Jason Moore and written by Kay Cannon. The story was inspired by Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Capella Glory, a non-fiction book by Mickey Rapkin. The film follows Beca (Anna Kendrick) as she enters her freshman year at Barden College at the behest of her father. Beca is more interested in music than college and is soon approached by Aubery (Anna Camp) to join the college’s all-women acapella group called the Barden Bellas. 

The Bellas are currently at an all-time low following Aubrey’s (the group leader) puking fiasco during the last performance. But they’re still focused on competing. 

Pitch Perfect 2How to watch the Pitch Perfect movies in order (and where the new show fits in) photo 2

Pitch Perfect 2 (2015 – Film)

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Pitch Perfect 2 was directed by Elizabeth Banks, who plays Gail throughout the film series. The film picks up three years after the first and sees Beca serving as the co-leader of the Barden Bellas alongside Chloe (Brittany Snow). The Bellas have won three consecutive ICCA National Championships, which leads to them performing at the Kennedy Center for Barack Obama’s birthday. Unfortunately, Patricia “Fat Amy” Hobart (Rebel Wilson) suffers a wardrobe malfunction during their performance.

This leads to the Bellas being disgraced and banned from competition. Beca manages to broker a deal that will allow the team to return to competition if they can win the World A Capella Championships in Europe – a competition that’s never been won by an American team. 

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Pitch Perfect 3 (2017 – Film)

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Pitch Perfect 3 was directed by Trish Sie and written by Mike White and Kay Cannon. The film is set just two years after Pitch Perfect 2, the third installment in the series. It sees the now-graduated Bellas struggling to adjust to life outside of college. So, when the group gets the opportunity to perform in a USO tour, they jump at it.

Of course, that USO tour turns into a competition against other bands.

The group is joined by Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), the current leader of the Barden Bellas for this outing. Plus, once the Bellas arrive in Europe, Fat Amy is confronted by her estranged father, Fergus (John Lithgow), who is a dangerous crime lord hoping to rekindle a relationship with his daughter. 

Where does the new Pitch Perfect show fit in this order?

Bumper in Berlin is an upcoming Pitch Perfect spin-off series centered around Adam Devine’s Pitch Perfect character, Bumper. (He originated in the film series as the lead singer of a rival all-men acapella group.) You’d watch Bumper in Berlin directly following Pitch Perfect 3 in your watch order.

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in BerlinHow to watch the Pitch Perfect movies in order (and where the new show fits in) photo 1

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (Peacock TV series coming in November 2022)

The movie shows Bumper living in Germany after one of his songs tops the charts there. Sarah Hyland and Jameela Jamil will also star in the series.

Check out the first teaser for Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin here. Bumper in Berlin is set to premiere on Peacock on 23 November 2022. 

Spoiler-free version: Watch the Pitch Perfect movies and series in order

OK, so here is the at-a-glance version of the guide above. It’s free of spoilers.

Pitch Perfect movie and series order (release date and chronological)

  • Pitch Perfect (2012 – Film)
  • Pitch Perfect 2 (2015 – Film)
  • Pitch Perfect 3 (2017 – Film)
  • Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (Peacock TV series coming in November 2022)

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