How to set up and use My Eyes Only feature to hide your pictures on Snapchat

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How to set up and use My Eyes Only feature to hide your pictures on Snapchat
How to set up and use My Eyes Only feature to hide your pictures on Snapchat


  • Snapchat features a ‘My Eyes Only’ option to keep your selected media private.
  • This feature restricts people from viewing the selected pictures/videos.
  • Remembering the password is essential otherwise the data under the private section will be erased on resetting.

Snapchat, a social media application has a lesser-known yet important feature called ‘My Eyes Only’. It allows you to keep your selected media protected with a password. The application promises to maintain privacy with end-to-end encryption so that no one except for you has access to your photos.

Snapchat’s ‘my eyes only’ password adds an extra level of privacy to your data. However, if you forget and reset the password of ‘my eyes only’, it is impossible for Snapchat to recover the hidden gallery. Unlike resetting, changing the password does not delete your saved media.

People tend to put passwords on their mobile phones to keep their data secure. This feature eliminates the use of third-party applications and thereby allows you to store all the private media under one application.

How to set up ‘My Eyes Only’ feature:

  1. Open Snapchat and swipe up your camera to view your memories(Snapchat gallery).
  2. Select the pictures(snaps) that you want to shift to private.
  3. Hold the picture and select ‘my eyes only’ option to set up this feature.
  4. Create a password that ensures to keep your pictures and videos private within the application. Keep in mind, if you forgot the password and choose to reset it, you will lose all your saved data.
  5. Tap Finish, and you are all set to select and keep your media private.

After you are done setting it up, the feature is easy to access. If required, you can always have an option to unhide your pictures/videos from the ‘my eyes only’ section.

If you are a Snapchat user, you should definitely try this out.


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