How Indian Cinema Hyped India’s Space Programme Among Common Man, Bollywood News

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How Indian Cinema Hyped India’s Space Programme Among Common Man, Bollywood News

By portraying scientists as heroes, using space as a backdrop for stories of adventure and romance, and inspiring patriotism and national pride, Indian films have helped to make space exploration more accessible, exciting, and meaningful to the general public.

Updated Jul 11, 2023 | 07:43 PM IST

How Indian cinema helps popularize space programs

It is well-known that India has two major obsessions. Cricket and Bollywood! Popularly deemed as the soft power of the country, Indian cinema sure has used its influence to strike a chord amongst the masses. As Chandrayaan-3 launch date inches close, here’s looking at how cinema has always played an avid role in bringing Indians closer to our space programs.

Portraying scientists and astronauts as heroes

A breath of fresh air from all the dhishoom dhishoom of a cliche Indian hero, when scientists and astronauts take the centre stage in an Indian movie, impressionable young people are encouraged to pursue careers in science and technology.

After all, how many of us dreamt of getting into ISRO after watching Mission Mangal (2019), Rocketry: The Nambi Effect (2022), and more.

Making space interesting

Usually deemed as ‘boring’ and reserved for the ‘smarties’, space may not be as thrilling in our Science books, but it sure is a delight to watch on screen. In movies like Swades , a former NASA employee coming back to his roots to use his knowledge for the greater good was a total hit amongst the masses.

Additionally, using space as the backdrop for stories of adventure and romance makes the entire sci-fi genre a lot more relatable to the general public. Space exploration made more accessible is the first step towards garnering the interest of the common man.

Evoking patriotism and national pride

We are filled with a sense of warmth and pride whenever we watch movies like Uri or Lakshya. Same can be said for space missions too. Indian films have often used space exploration to inspire patriotism and national pride. This has helped to create a sense of national unity and purpose, and has shown the world that India is a capable and ambitious nation.

In addition to the above, Indian cinema has also helped to raise awareness of the importance of space research and development, which in return ensures that India’s space programme continues to thrive in the years to come.

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