House of the Dragon Kills Off Fan-Favorite Character in Gruesome Fashion

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House of the Dragon Kills Off Fan-Favorite Character in Gruesome Fashion


The preview for House of the Dragon‘s third episode, paired with the final scene of episode two, had fans thinking that the series would feature a significant battle on Sunday night. They were correct, as the new episode of House of the Dragon saw the forces of Daemon Targaryen and Corlys Velaryon head to the Stepstones and finally take a stab at stopping the Crab-Feeder. This battle claimed the life of a character that many thought would be more important to the story going forward, and that generated a ton of buzz from fans during their small amount of screen time.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from House of the Dragon! Continue reading at your own risk…

The beginning of “Second of His Name” shows that is has been three years since Daemon and Corlys went behind the King’s back to start a war with the Crab-Feeder, but that they have made very little progress in that time. Things change in the final act of the episode, however, as Daemon cuts the Crab-Feeder down during a well-executed attack, dragging half of the dreaded pirate’s body out into the open for all to see, entrails spilling out of his torso.

The Crab-Feeder was set up well in a cave in the middle of the Stepstones, a position that kept Daemon’s forces from ever being able to do much. Even the dragon was little use, as the tall hills and fog surrounding the cave made it easy to set traps. Daemon eventually won the battle — and defeated the Crab-Feeder — by setting a trap of his own.

Daemon approached the cave with a white flag, proposing a surrender. When the Crab-Feeder’s men started surrounding him, Daemon attacked, taking out as many as he could. This brought even more men out of the caves, trying to assist in killing Daemon. Once the pirates were exposed, Daemon’s dragon swooped in, followed by Corlys and his army. Daemon ended the conflict by killing the Crab-Feeder.

While the Crab-Feeder wasn’t necessarily a major character, his introduction in the second episode of House of the Dragon had fans intrigued. There was hope that he would potentially be around for a while, serving as an antagonist to the Targaryens. That obviously won’t be happening.

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