Hollywood Newsmaker of the Week: Will Smith spotted in Mumbai, Thor: Love And Thunder teaser out and more

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Hollywood Newsmaker of the Week: Will Smith spotted in Mumbai, Thor: Love And Thunder teaser out and more


The past week, Hollywood was nothing less than a rollercoaster. From new teasers and news about the renewal of major franchises like Fast & Furious, our headlines were packed with all the good stuff until the industry decided to do a total 180 and chaos entered the charts.

With new revelations from the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial every day, netizens were all about the drama as they also quickly changed sides and were evidently supporting Depp after the lawsuit brought up many inadequacies in Heard’s case. Besides the overheated trial, another lawsuit caught the public eye, the Blac Chyna vs the Kardashian family. Scroll down further and find out what went down in Hollywood this week.

Will Smith resurfaces

Following his Chris Rock altercation at the Oscars 2022, Will Smith had gone under the radar after facing brutal backlash for his actions at the Academy Awards. Smith was snapped by paparazzi at the Kalina Airport, Mumbai as the actor landed in India. The actor was all smiles while he clicked photos with fans, though it is not clear why Smith decided to fly out to India at such a time.

Mike Tyson loses it

As per reports, on Wednesday Mike Tyson on a flight from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale punched a fellow passenger who was annoying him. According to sources, at first, Tyson was courteous with everyone and even took a snap with a fan who asked for it but soon the passenger behind him started to “annoy” him and proceeded to do so even when the boxing legend asked him to stop. Afterwards, Tyson reportedly could not contain his anger and launched at the guy and left him bleeding from the forehead.

Selling Sunset star and her Bennifer 2.0 connection

Selling Sunset star Emma Hernan while on the show claimed that she has had a chat with Ben Affleck on the celebrity dating app Raya. As she talked to her co-star on the Netflix reality show, Hernan detailed how before the news about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez coming back together surfaced on media outlets, she had been in contact with the actor though they never actually met. All the buzz around the topic calmed down when the dating app company came forward on its own and clarified that Affleck has not been an active user of the app for years.

Angelina Jolie suing FBI?

New reports about Angelina Jolie filing a lawsuit against the FBI over the 2016 case of the plane incident with Brad Pitt made headlines last week. The reports suggested that the actress had filed a case against the agency under an alias, Jane Doe as she requested that her privacy be maintained throughout the whole suit given her “public status.” The case in question is the alleged charge of domestic violence against Brad Pitt while their family was on a plane from Europe to home back in 2016. According to court files, Jane Doe claims that the FBI never informed her in 2016 when the case was shut abruptly.

The God of Thunder returns

Perhaps, one of the best highlights of the week was when Marvel released the official teaser for the upcoming Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. A Snippet that caught the fans’ eyes most was the shocking return of Thor’s ex-girlfriend Jane Foster as the “She Thor” while she magically appeared in front of a rather flabbergasted Thor, wielding Mjolnir. Another hot topic among the Marvel fans was the absence of Christian Bale’s villain in the movie, Gorr The God Butcher.

Check out the official teaser for Thor: Love And Thunder below:

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