Here is a List of Celebrities That Should Play Punks in Movies to Distract You From the Horrors of the World

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Here is a List of Celebrities That Should Play Punks in Movies to Distract You From the Horrors of the World

After the lukewarm success of FX’s “Pistols” biopic series, it is only a matter of time before every streaming service is going to push out their own mediocre retelling of the punk scene from the Ramones to Blink-182, so below are our picks for actors that should play seminal punk rockers in the inevitable, unwanted, and hyperbolic movies.

Matt Berry has perfected the character of the arrogant blowhard, so he could easily slip into the role of Lee Ving of Fear. Additionally, as a comedian himself Berry would meld perfectly into a reenactment of Fear’s infamous SNL appearance.

The audience won’t even be able to tell these two gangly but seemingly handsome people apart. Jeremy Allen White could easily play the role of the aloof yet excitable Strummer. Thanks to White’s role on “Shameless,” he should be very comfortable performing the many, many, many sex scenes that will be included in this movie.

Only an athlete could bring the power and insanity necessary to play X-Ray Spex’s frontwoman Poly Styrene. Nia has been pretty much out of commission wrestling-wise recently, so now would be the perfect time for her to have a run in Hollywood like her cousin The Rock.

For Henry Rollins we need to do the full “I’m Not There” treatment and have different actors play him at different stages of his life. I don’t know much about this Timothée Chalamet kid but he seems to be pretty good at everything he is in so it only makes sense if we want some box office pop. Plus they both have the “I can’t be bothered to take a photo” glare down perfectly. For the older “spoken word” era Rollins we will have to go with a bulked-up Casper van Dien, if Hugh Jackman can get in shape for Wolverine at 54 why can’t Casper. The world needs a Casper Renaissance.

Unless we tell the story about Travis Barker quitting The Aquabats no one wants to hear about the early days of “Total Request Live” Blink-182. Audiences want to hear about the breakup, the UFOs, and Skiba. Ira has done cameos in a few films and I think he had the chops to pull off a thoughtful, existential Hoppus the public never gets to see.

If you are going to set any movie in New York in the 1980s you are contractually obligated to have a scene where the main character is harassed by a roving gang of punk rockers on a graffiti-laden subway car. Even if it is for just one scene, Bale will drop fifty pounds to play a tweaked-out punk with a red mohawk in a leather jacket and a switchblade named something dumb like Landfill Chowder.

With today’s technology, we could have Adam Drive play Billie, Tre, and Mike all at the same time. I think the guy has the acting chops to do it. I had an AI system come up with what it might look like in the photo above and, to be honest, I don’t hate it. We will put Adam’s head on Andy Serkis in a mo-cap suit and do the rest in post.

Now hear me out. If we give Ezra the “Chris Pratt” treatment and turn him into a total meathead, he will make the perfect Danzig. If he ends up going to jail he won’t have any time to do anything but work out. These are two guys who take themselves way too seriously and have had run-ins with the law in their own very unique ways. Dave Bautista will play the Northside Kings guy that knocks him out in act 1.

This one kid that hangs out in front of my local AMPM would make the perfect Iggy Pop.  He may not be a celebrity per se, but he’s well-known in my town. And I’m pretty sure this guy can act because every time I see him he has some new story as to why he needs five bucks, or a ride downtown, or a cigarette. We better hurry though because he is going to stop looking like young Iggy Pop soon and start looking like current-day Iggy Pop.

So there you have it, the makings of the Punk Rock Cinematic Universe. Every movie can end with a bloated Johnny Rotten appearing from the shadows to tell the character that they have been chosen to take part in a punk supergroup only for it to implode drastically on the first day.

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