Henanshi Sanghvi fasted for 400 days and it changed her life

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Henanshi Sanghvi fasted for 400 days and it changed her life

Henanshi Sanghvi shares with SheThePeople her fasting journey, what inspired her to take her health seriously, and how a healthy lifestyle proved to be a game-changer for her personal and professional trajectories.

The story of Henanshi Sanghvi

“I was a rebel in my early teenage years. You say south, I’d go north! I wanted to make a career in painting, but I couldn’t get anywhere. I did several exhibitions, but they all failed! I was anxious all the time.

Looking at my mental health, mom decided to make my life normal, so she took me to the Jain ashram and asked me to stay there for a few days. I threw a lot of tantrums as it was a place with rules and discipline but she left me there. After just one day there, I asked Maa to take me back. She categorically refused! I was furious.

I was thinking of options to take my mind off things when a female monk caught my attention. She fasted according to the rituals but at the same time performed all the duties effortlessly! She wasn’t exhausted, she wasn’t stressed, but rather happy with what she was doing. I was inspired at that very moment. I was fascinated and decided to give it a try. I also saw my friend Prachi doing the same.

I wasn’t religious, but this post started to make a lot of sense when I started to understand the logic behind it. It helped me think clearly and become productive. It also helped me to cleanse and detoxify my body. But most importantly I realized that it is all about gaining control over the mind. Fasting did not mean starving, but eating properly. I started treating my body like a temple.

I fasted for 400 days and it was a game changer. Maa and papa were shocked by my decision. Sometimes they got sad looking at me, but they were my support system. I was lucky that Maa made me the food I needed. At first I found it difficult to fight my temptations, but then I wanted to test my will and learn the lesson of discipline, so I forced myself. Prachi and my family encouraged me. They said, “Do right by yourself. Guess what, I did well and completed my 400 days gracefully.

My life was also on track and I made a career in painting! All this was possible only because I had Maa and Prachi by my side forever. Today I am a successful artist and YouTuber. I was lucky enough to learn at 21 that as long as you take charge of your life, no one can stop you from achieving great things.”

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