Government warns electronic communications platforms against illegal sale of wireless jammers

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Government warns electronic communications platforms against illegal sale of wireless jammers



The department said it is illegal for any person or entity other than licensed telecommunications service providers to possess, sell or use mobile signal boosters.

The Indian government on Monday warned e-commerce platforms against the illegal sale of wireless jammers, along with guiding the general public on the proper use of wireless jammers and amplifiers.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said the use of cellular signal jammers, GPS blockers or other signal jamming devices is generally illegal unless specifically authorized by the government.

Alarmed by the open online sale, the department warned all e-commerce companies not to sell or facilitate the sale of wireless silencers on their online platforms. Private sector organizations or individuals cannot procure and use silencers in India.

“It has also been declared unlawful to advertise, sell, distribute, import or otherwise market signal jamming devices in India except as permitted under the guidelines,” the Transport Ministry said.

Regarding signal booster/amplifier, the department said it is illegal to possess, sell and/or use a mobile signal booster/amplifier by any person/entity other than licensed telecommunication service providers. A mobile signal booster/repeater is a type of amplifier that is obviously used to improve mobile phone signal reception.

However, the unauthorized use of cell phone boosters may adversely affect public telecommunications services by jeopardizing the quality and coverage of such services.

This not only causes inconvenience to mobile phone users but may also make it difficult to access emergency services from mobile phones, posing a risk to public health and safety, the DoT release said.

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